How can I help other schizophrenics?

So I started out hearing loud voices and they would say the same things to me that normal schizophrenics experience, that is they would torment me. Over time I found a way of interacting with them, and learning why they tormented me, almost by chance. Long story short, now I have more of a channeler/spirit guide relationship with my voices. I can hold down a job and my wife feels we have a normal relationship. This is a big step from being suicidal.

Now, I think I want to help other schizophrenics. I realize the epiphanies I have had are experiential and they are a choice. But how can I lead other schizophrenics to water, even if I can’t make them drink the water?

I am thinking about becoming a mentor through NAMI, where I would be able to interract with other schizophrenics. The intention would be primarily to do what I am told to do, which is help them function and see positives. But I also wonder if my perspective and my story could help others. What do you think?

Also don’t tell me I’m delusional just because I think my voices are real and I don’t believe my brain is misfiring. That’s like shaming others for their beliefs.

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I’m not fond of the idea of encouraging people to interact with the voices. Normally that is the path to insanity.

I’m a religious person who believes the voices are angels, but trying to interact with them always leads to intrusive thoughts, so I just medicate the voices away with Paliperidone and Niacin. I prefer a quiet headspace.

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Are you calling me a horse?

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But if you understand what causes the intrusive thoughts, doesn’t that help? Also, if you believe they are angels have they explained why they do what they do? Like are they mean sometimes, for example?

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I don’t want to worsen your delusions. They are not constructive to talk to, just put it that way. Their job appears to be to watch and judge, and record / mark your actions for judgment day. That’s my belief, anyhow.

I get into arguments with them frequently, and my intrusive thoughts flare up. It’s easier if I mute them.

That makes sense about wanting to leave them alone if it worsens your intrusive thoughts. For me it was a large turning point when I confronted and reminded them that they are benevolent beings. With my insistence came their willingness to play that role. After that they explained to me why they give me intrusive thoughts and how it is beneficial.

I hear divine voices or neutral, random dadaist absurd poems. I rarely hear negative voices

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We’re they always nice or did you have to convince them or talk to them first?

I suppose they are nice because my mood is nice. And my mood is usually nice.

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My experience over a quarter century of living with this illness is that those who play with or “encourage” their voices almost always get worse.


So why am I different @velociraptor? Obviously that is rhetorical, you don’t know me. And my answer is obviously that I don’t think I’m different. I suffered for years with fear and voices until I tried a different approach and it paid off. Now I’m doing what many on this forum would do, I’m asking the question “Could this help others?”

Doesn’t that make an obvious sense? And just to be clear I’m not trying to use this as public forum even though I have been very honest lately, because I don’t think I’m being very vocal about anything specific.

It’s against forum rules to encourage people to indulge their delusions or symptoms.

It is against the rules to encourage talking to the voices? I thought it was just against the rules to encourage delusions. Don’t lump me In with that. I’m not doing that.

I’m not sure, let’s ask a moderator. @anon9798425 @ninjastar @Moonbeam

Is this part of encouraging delusions and symptoms? I didn’t flag because I’m not sure. It just seemed to be along those lines. Of not, sorry to OP

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I’m asking genuine questions on how I can help others with my experiences and you want to shut down the thread? I’m not even going into specifics. I’m just asking advice. How about this, do you have any advice for me?

That I can answer. If you want to help them encourage them to reach out to a pdoc. Not everyone can handle interacting with their voices or if they try the voices get worse. It really depends on the person.

I think I just am having a hard time understanding what you mean by help. Maybe I misinterpreted your posts.

I just flagged and removed your post.


No. Encouraging delusions is encouraging delusions. It is not against the rules to suggest that people talk to their voices. It is against the rules to encourage believing delusions that come from voices.

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By help I mean talking to other schizophrenics in person, not on this forum, and encouraging them to see their voices as not bad. It’s not that different from cbt.

You also make a good point, I am not a professional. But there are peer support programs where you don’t have to be. I’m wondering if my story and experience can help others have a better interaction with their voices.

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I had a psychologist once who told me to take charge of the voices and show them who the boss was. It’s kind of the same thing. It can be helpful for some people. There has to be some order in your head or you’ll never get anything done. It can’t just be a free-for-all.