How can I be happy and have a positive out look when there are so many of you being so

i try to look on the good side of things, and be productive ,manage my symptoms with a constructive way.
{ IT AN’T EASY WITH MOST OF YOU } just saying. share i am not perfect. well can use a hell of alot of improvement… just saying…please make this happen.


We’re all struggling in our own ways DrZen. I’m glad you’re around on the forum.

This is why I avoid most people in meatspace.

I’m sorry you’re struggling. I sincerely hope I didn’t contribute to it. If I did, I’m so sorry! I hope you’re feeling better soon

There really is quite a bit of angst and stress on this forum.

But it is a site for the mentally ill. Lots of us are struggling. I usually try to keep things light-hearted with my corny jokes…to ease some tension. I think @77nick77 has the same approach.

Humour and music are my two weapons against this beast of an affliction.


You and 77nick77 have a lovely ways.

I think you both are great and love that you make jokes etc


Wishing you well.

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I don’t think I understand your post but just writing to say hi :slightly_smiling_face: and wish you well.

lipstick on a pig or sugar coat a turd both apply to positivity all the time…

@LevelJ1 makes me laugh quite often as well. He has a humorous disposition for sure.


Being so…


Thanks, you as well.

I try to keep things fun :+1::hugs:


Yes I agree and Aziz has joked a few times too.

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