Poll: Ways to create a positive forum?

  1. Use uplifting words
  2. Post positive news
  3. Share beautiful pictures
  4. Share recovery topics
  5. Give likes
  6. Smile when you type
  7. Others (please specify)

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I don’t like the idea of having a constantly positive forum. The people on here have devastating mental illness. A support forum is to help people through times of crisis as well as times of triumph. To make a board with only happy things all the time would be mimicking real life where many of us have to pretend to be happy and normal to pass in society. I don’t want to pretend here.

I love it when people share when things are going wonderfully for them, but I also don’t want anyone to fear posting asking for help or sharing their struggles because they believe they’ll be perceived as negative and bringing the board down.


most of the forum is already positive with the Dx’d Other, Dx’d Sz/Sza, and Health & Recovery categories; methinketh. the Dx’d support threads are for support, so it’s kind-of against the rules to be non-supportive there. same goes for Health & Recovery, I think.

but I’m all in for exchanging beautiful pics.


May I know what is the meaning of this? :bulb:

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I tell jokes. Laughing is f@cking amazing


I agree. My wife’s “religious” friends keep stressing the importance of being positive. As a result whenever I try to tell her what I’'m feeling it gets automatically classed as “being negative” or “being positive.”

That’s way to simplistic method of dealing with feelings. IMO


I like the idea of having something positive.
I’m not saying the forum should be all sunshine and giggles, because there are people here, including myself, who sometimes need a place to get the negativity off our chests, but I think it’s important that it’s not all depressing.

I agree that things shouldn’t be categorized as just positive or negative, because there are many nuances, but my experience with mental illness has taught me that it’s too easy to drag oneself and others down if all there’s talked about is how much it all sucks.
… If that makes sense.


^^^ That guy? Toss him. Best suggestion I can make to improve the place.

I do think the forum has a lot of positive posts. I’m “put-off” by this push for MORE. This is supposed to be a safe place.

but pink floyd… :broken_heart:

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I think a way to be “positive” is to encourage each other, through the good AND the bad.
It’s important to be able to talk about negative things on here, because sometimes things are negative, but it’s always good to support and encourage.


I don’t like that method either for this reason: it’s judging a book by it’s cover. They already judged your case before they even try to explore it with you. They don’t hear you out, they just take one piece you say and move from there. There is much more to hear from someone besides what you get first.

I think it’s important to have positive posts . However forced positivity isn’t a good thing. Sometimes it can be hard to be really positive. Sometimes the most positive thing one can say is that your illness has not got any worse, and that you are at least alive even if you are struggling.
Support should be about both inspirational comments, and the ability to say when you are struggling without fear of censure.

Posts that are destructive, and likely to encourage people to go down wrong paths, should of course be dealt with accordingly.


Thank you for everyone’s feedback.

I take your words into consideration. But it is funny how can I receive something negative on a poll that suggests something positive?

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