How bad is your anxiety anxiety

how bad is your anxiety?

  • bad
  • ok
  • dont notice
  • really bad
  • crippling
  • have no anxiety
  • i like ice cream
  • other

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What happened to the I like cheese option?

I can live with the anxiety, but when it hits the paranoia stage is when I freak out. Just seems to go around in a constant vicious circle when I get like that. The anxiety triggers the paranoia which in turns triggers more anxiety and so on.


its a nice day here so i swapped cheese for ice cream lol, i havent got a favourite flavour except maybe vanilla with chocolate sauce and chocolate,

but as anxiety goes, mines is crippling right now ad idk how i am managing tbh even talking about it is causing anxiety, so i have diazepam (valium) but i’m trying not to use it.

i really hate this anxiety :frowning: its prolonged for me gets better with valium but…argh idk how i’m going to do college :confused:

Remember to breathe. Breathe in for a few seconds. Hold for few seconds and breathe out slowly for a few seconds and repeat. Which pretty much the basics of breathing for anxiety.

My anxiety is chronic. I am very prone to catastrophising. Anything and everything can be a trigger for anxiety. If I get really anxious/stressed I can experience derealisation/depersonalisation or it can have a physical effect ie flu like symptoms.
I do not take anything for it. Last year the pdoc said it was due to my paranoia. Even if it is the antipsychotic doesn’t do much to help on that score(reducing anxiety).

I would say I am managing anxiety well
With exercise, positive thinking and mindfulness, routine and hobbies such as reading

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My anxiety is chronic and its crippling - it’s also tied in with paranoia.

My therapist who is a PHD tells me that my anxiety and paranoia are linked.

I have next to no issues with anxiety. The only mood or emotion that I have problems with is anger.

i dont think many people here get anxiety, maybe it is just me but i was trying to add up the score and only 35% had anxiety 21% were crippling, so the majority of this poll are not anxious :s i wonder what this means?

I’m plagued with crippling anxiety. Chronic hyperventilation syndrome affects me all day everyday. I take 3 medications for anxiety. 2 of them only put a dent in my anxiety and 1 I only use when it’s so unbearable I can’t function. Doc says latuda will lessen my anxiety, but it hasn’t helped yet.

Most of the time I’m in public I want to crawl into a hole.

It’s being ok lately, but I tend to isolate and withdraw so I don’t feel it. It’s usually triggered by stress, negativity and crowds… But I went to a medieval fair a few weeks ago and nothing, so I guess progress

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Anxiety is really bad lately, i have been taking my lorazepam.

god i hope my anxiety doesnt get as bad as that :frowning: i’m so sorry you are going through that :frowning: and i will pray that it gets better for all of us here who have this.

Crippling for sure. it makes it hard to make new friends. i want to make friends and i love people but i seem to always be anxious, im not sure what about

My anxiety is unbearable. Can’t swallow or breathe. Before attacks is like day and night. Just hope to not have a panic attack when in the car stuck in traffic . On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst i would give it a 9.5.

I don’t get much anxiety anymore but I tend to feel overstimulated nowadays. It’s hard to describe but my head feels weird and my consciousness feels weird.

damn, sorry to hear that, its funny bc driving actually calms me down somewhat but i almost nearly never got on a plane recently bc it was delayed and i had to phone the duty nurse. the pilot even said he didnt know why it was delayed. i took a valium and once i got on the plane and sat down i felt better and also the fresh air on the way to the plane helped too.

:bomb: :boom: That’s the same boat I’m in… If I can the train back on the tracks before it hit’s paranoia station… I can calm down… I can sort of hold myself together and ride the wave…

But once it’s get to a certain point… It’s vicious circle.

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I didn’t realize how bad my anxiety was until my old pdoc started to decrease my Seroquel. I would have horrible panic attacks that would last for hours and if I had three in one day it would be an all day occurrence. This pdoc was horrible. She decreased my Seroquel and would sometimes prescribe 5 Klonopin for the month. When I told her I didn’t want to see her anymore she complained that I asked for Klonopin every appointment! The next pdoc I saw at that facility was even worse. She flat out didn’t care that I was suffering. Thank god for my primary. She prescribed me a month’s supply of Klonopin until I found a new pdoc. So I found my current pdoc who is private and he’s fine with prescribing them to take on a daily basis. I know they’re cracking down on doctors who prescribe benzos but I have never been faced by so much callousness by a doctor. Where they take away a drug that is helping and don’t care about the consequences. Obviously I’m still bitter about the experience. Moral of the story is to avoid mental health centers unless there is no other alternative. :sunny: