How are y’all this fine evening?

Just handed baby off to my husband so I’m sitting on the back porch vaping :sunglasses:

The weather was nice today. Ran some errands with baby human and my husband.

I am doing decent today/tonight!

How are y’all? What you up to?


I just finished watching tv. Now vaping and listening to music in my room.


Nice nice!

What flavor you vaping??


I am vaping watermelon, its my favorite. But I also have black cherry. I want to try banana flavor. You?


I’m feeling fat and saucy.

Getting ready to watch a documentary on Netflix.


Started Lexapro a few days ago, I’ve been on the toilet about 40 times since then :open_mouth:

Side effects are a real PITA. Trying to stay upbeat.


reading the bible in bed. thought id got covid earlier because i had pressure in ny ears and chills but it went away. we have 2 in this family with it. dads above the garage four five days with it. was miserable today. dont want to drink. dont want to smoke. but damnit i have little choice. its hell. if only i was younger.

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Watching bar rescue. Digging through jewelry.


That sounds awesome!

I’m just puffin on some sweet mint

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Love that show!!

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That’s great :raised_hands:
Good to hear

Ah man, I had just seen your post too about how you’re having lots of side effects from it, that sucks :confused:

You watch Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, The Walking Dead, Russian Doll, Explained, or Tuca and Bertie?

I’m dying to talk Netflix with you but I’m waiting for us to have a show in common!

Thanks @Human . Feels like every time I try a new pill I get mad side effects that are worse than the depression itself. It took me years to settle on a good mood stabilizer and AP and I’m not sure I have the stamina to guinea-pig myself into a good AD over the next couple years.


Me too😆

What documentary??


We took doggo for a walk! It’s a nice day.


Niceee :slightly_smiling_face:
What’s the temperature like there today?

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Yikes… yeah, that sounds rough. Sorry

I was on lexapro too before I found out I was pregnant, didn’t really have any side effects tho… might get back on it…


Lol im glad you baby human and papa human had a great day :smile:

Im just sitting here thinking a bit and trying to take care of my body… vitamins, omega 3, vix, valerian, lavender, cinnamon lol… then sleepy time :zzz: :sleeping:

How is mama human? What do tomorrow?

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Haha thanks!

Ooo, sounds chill :smiley:

I’m alright!! (If that’s who you mean by mama Human lol) just made golden Graham treats with chocolate chips in it.

Tomorrow… I’m honestly not sure!
What about you? @ThePoet


I love it when jon yells at people.

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