Hi how’s everyone doing?

How’s everyone doing? Just woke up. It’s 4.30 am.


Not bad. Just finished dinner and relaxing in the living room with the heater on. It’s calm at the moment, enjoying the peace and quiet. All that’s missing is a cat. Are you staying up?

Yeah going to stay up for the rest of tonight and tomorrow.

Well, you’ll have a pretty good sleep tomorrow night.

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Yeah hopefully. My sleep patterns have been pretty messed up recently. Any plans for day?

Hi star84!I take lorazepan 2mg,rivortril 2mg and quetiapina 25 mg to sleep,but at 4 a.m I wake up and I have to take lorazepan 1mg until 6 a.m then I wake up and I take my coffe an cigarrettes.

I have the whole day free except I have to take my computer in to be repaired. I’ll probably either go to my sisters house or to the park.

Cool. Sounds like a nice chilled out day. Have fun.

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Wow that’s a lot of meds. I only take 2mg of Risberidone. I also woke up around that time and had a cigarette and coffee.

Yes,that’s a lot of meds but I can’t sleep well without them.My pdoc said that it was very important to sleep in my case

Right now I’m tanning with a uva ray machine while I listen to music,it puts me in a good mood :slight_smile:

Cool happy tanning.

Thank you!Here it’s very soon to do things so I always do that.
Have a nice day star 84!

Thanks going to try and stay awake for rest of day.

Good luck,I’ll take a nap after lunch.kisses

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I feel like crap today. I was fine for a couple of days but it never lasts.

Yeah my mood’s are up and down as well.

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I’m sorry, I hope you can feel better soon.a huge

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