Whaddup peeps

Just took my PRN, was having some weird thoughts or something, but now i’m feeling better. took a shower and now im just watching hbomax. Have a doctors appointment tomorrow and i hope everything will be ok, other than that, what are y’all up to?


I’m just chillin on my bed with music playing on my headphones, not doing much else, though I might make something to eat soon.

I hope everything goes well at your doctor’s appointment!


Wassup mane?!

I just got through eating some leftover chili and watching a couple episodes of Stranger Things.

I feel kinda tired because I took a prn earlier.


Listening to anything in specific? thanks!

@Montezuma ooo, chili sounds so good right about now. oof, sorry to hear, maybe in a bit you should sleep, what time is it where you are from?


At the moment it’s my A Killer’s Confession (underground metal band) playlist, but it’s on its last song, thinking of what to listen to next.

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Oh it’s all good my man. I’m feeling better now.

It’s a little after ten p.m. here. Probably going to take my night meds with a Cola in about 30 minutes.


I hope you find it, sounds soothing.

@Montezuma Ahh, nice! i can’t go a day without my ice cold cola, lol. I hope you get to sleep well!


Just currently laying in bed vaping.

I wanna watch something but don’t know what…

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nice way to chill, what are you watching on?

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