How a neurological condition affects an artist’s creativity


Beautiful drawings, pictures.

If you are interested in artists and other people accomplishing despite their neurological illness, you should read Oliver Sacks “An anthropologist on mars”

Its main focus are an autistic people that somehow are able to make a success out of their handicap

An Anthropologist on Mars | Oliver Sacks, M.D. | Author, Neurologist | On The Move, Hallucinations, Musicophilia, Awakenings, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat


I like the fact that she began to paint over things without realising how this affected other people. Other people couldn’t see what she could see. When I was psychotic, what was beneath my paintings was as real to me as what was on top of them. I was creating something that had depth, and rewarded the investigator. The deeper you looked the more you would find. I look at it now and it is just a shitty painting. I feel kind of sad about that. I invested a lot into that shitty painting.

Agree totall y about the drawings and pictures. I am much more into writing than painting. My drawing/painting skills are about as good as a 6-7 year old. A lot of the creative spark I had several decades ago has gone.

My brother and sister are both talented when it comes to drawing/painting. My mother was quite good . Her father studied art for a year at the Glasgow school of art via a grant from the local council.

A paternal 3gt, Samuel Stanley Wood, was a flower painter at Grainger in Worcester.

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