Hospitalizations against your will

I’m just thinking back and I think it’s strange that I was hospitalized 5 times for mania and not once for sz

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Was it against your will, I myself have never been hospitalized even after a suicide attempt

By the time I need to go to the hospital, my symptoms have typically taken everything from me and I am headed towards doing something awful, or have already done something awful. Still, all of my hospitalizations were voluntary. I don’t know much about involuntary commitment.

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Every time was against my will, mostly with the police taking me away


Oh, that would have sucked.

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I have been for sza and for suicidal depression. I have always gone voluntarily but it was changed to involuntary a couple times and I had to stay until I went before the probate judge and got released. Apparently they can change it like that if the doctor thinks it’s necessary.

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I got taken involuntarily a few times. It’s a lot better than getting arrested and put in jail, but it still sucks that they charge you for it after you get out. Also one of those hospitalizations wasn’t necessary. Luckily I’ve built trust with my family for a year and they promised not to do that again. I’m glad, the cycle was getting frustrating.

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Lol i was never violent or self violent. And even when i “voluntarily” went they still formed me. Thats why i havent been in hospital for 10 years now. I take care of myself. Because they will just form me and inject me with high doses of medication.

I’ve been 5150 and 5250 7 times. Some of the 5150 were by my choice them turning into 5250 were not my choice. It sucks so bad but it is better then going to jail. So keeping a stash of meds is always a good idea if things get haywire because that’s all they do to you in The hospital is pump you full of them.

I was hospitalised for severe depression and self harm - never for voices or delusions. My sza episodes usually start with mood problems then only later psychosis symptoms

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