Hospital update again - hope at last

Since spoke to my pdoc here in the hospital and she suggested a therapy program at the psych hospital instead of going to go the conventional route. At out govt hospital Valkenberg (as @anon97118089 will know) they have high care and other wards that don’t offer much therapy but there’s one ward called Ward 1 that is a therapy and activities ward. I’ve been there in 2013 - it was awesome.
This pdoc believes i need therapy as my meds are mostly helping. And coping strategy for my symptoms. I asked her about my diagnosis and shes not one for labels but did say I have a psychotic and mood element in my illness so that confirms my pdoc at home saying sza.

Another great thing is that though the Ward 1 list takes a few weeks to get to me I can go home soon and wait there. She (the pdoc here) said tomorrow she will tell me when I can go home. Hopefully by the end of the week :slight_smile: and then it’s ward 1 for me!

God if only I thought about this before coming here!


Good to hear that things are progressing. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

I’m happy that you’re happy.

Good that you are feeling optimistic about this and that you can get good help and support.


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