Hope it gets better

Hope.i write this to raise awareness of mental illness n encourage those that are silently suffering to seek help n treatment. Are u feeling lost,hopeless sad n anxious? Do u go to sleep wishing u don’t wake up? Do you wish you never existed?Do you lay in bed all day and find it hard to get up and do even minor work? Do u have trouble thinking straight, sleep too much or can’t sleep at all .Well you are not alone, there’s hope and it does really get better with treatment. Stigma and lack of awareness are serious problems when it comes to mental illness,some people even attribute it to lack of Faith which is wrong. Mental illnesses are broad and not fully understood with varying sign n symptom. I strongly believe in possessions people and know that prayers help. It’s important to know that there are a lot of symptoms seen in mental illness that are similar to possessions. Yes prayers and faith help, but a person with mental illness has a chemical imbalance in their brain just like a person with diabetes that has low insulin levels or non at all so needs injection or drugs to increase the body’s receptors sensitivity to insulin. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, We All know that God tests us all in different ways either with our health, wealth or family and verily God does not burden His servant with that which He/She can not bear. And he test does he lives and rewards them for their patience even our beloved prophets were tested by God, We Know that with every hardship comes ease. A few examples include ;
Depression: Is a mood disorder characterized by low mood low energy and loss of interest in pleasure activities. It’s cause is not fully understood but it’s believed to be caused by a low level of serotonin and norepinephrine neurotransmitters in the brain. Sign to look out for in self or loved ones;

  1. sadness,
    3.excess sleeping ,
  2. mute,
    7.low energy( can’t find the energy to get out of bed or do easy tasks),
    8.low self esteem,
    11.crying for no reason,
    12.suicidal thoughts,
    13.poor concentration and memory
    14.fluctuating weight etc. There’s also what’s known as post partum depression which new mothers experience after birth, so it’s important to look out for signs of depression in your wives and friends. Treatment is available in the form of antidepressants drugs, etc and CBT.
    Bipolar disorder : Is a mood disorder characterized by a period of depression and a period of elation known as mania. Its cause is unknown but linked to genetics and environmental causes resulting in a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Signs;
    2 impulsiveness
    3.giving out too much money
    4.grandious delusions( thinking you are God, better than everyone or someone very important)
    5.talkative and rapid speech and signs of depression in depressive periods. Treatment is with mood stabilizer and psychotherapy.
    Schizophrenia : Is a chronic psychotic disorder characterized by positive and negative symptoms that affect way thinking and behaviour. It’s cause is believed to be due to genetic and environmental factors causing an imbalance in dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain. Signs;
    1.abnormal or disorganized thinking and behaviour
    2.auditory and/ visual hallucinations,
    3.insomnia(difficulty sleeping)
    4.delusions( paranoid that people are out to get you, trying to kill you or talking about you)
    5.lack of motivation
    6.Cognitve symptoms (problems with memory and concentration) etc. Treatment includes use of anti psychotics and psychotherapy. No matter how dark, lost or hopeless you are, trust me it gets better. There are doctors available in federal medical centers and other private hospitals that can help you or your loved one get better and function in the society with God’s Aid.I wish you the blessings of this life and the next

This is a nice post :relaxed:

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Thanks, I made a print out and passed copies to major congregation areas around my home town. Anonymously though. I have come a long way n feel much better, I just want to help others going through it


How are you,? I hope you are feeling much better also

I have a lot of hope now that my sleep disorder has finally been diagnosed and I can start a stimulant. It makes me think maybe I really can have a future where I have energy to have pets, do fun things, maybe I will even have the energy to have children. There are so many possibilities open to me now.

Of course I have to see if the med actually works first…having some complications w insurance who want doctor to fill out forms saying why he thinks I should be on the med bc its expensive :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: so I can’t start it until sometime next week. I was so frustrated I started crying in the car once I got out of the pharmacy. I just want to get better. I’m trying to be patient but I’ve waited years for this.

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I’m certain u will get better, I believe all people suffering from schizophrenia could also benefit from anti depressants coupled to their and psychotics. It helped me a lot. I know how you are feeling, I understand how frustrating it can get. I hope you do get better and become able to follow your dreams of having children