Hope has me feeling recovered


When I have hope I feel very much “recovered”. The mood swings don’t happen as much. And my medication works very well. When I’m confused about whether I have hope or not. Trying to create hope when it’s hard, I feel very much ill. Psychotic and mood is bad. But right now I feel very hopeful and feel I am recovered at the bright age of 24 and can accomplish a lot of things. These last 5 years have been very difficult but I’ve made tons of progress. My mom says I’m a new person than I was when I was 21. And for the better. I’ll still have mood swings, but I think I’ve found something to be very hopeful for ( a career path). I hope it lasts. Thanks. And hope I can start helping people more on this board rather than just making it about myself.


Sounds like good stuff to me. I was a lost soul when I was diagnosed at age 12. I had a pdoc in a state hospital when I was 14 tell me I would never know life outside an institution. Man, was she wrong. I got squared away when I was 18, had a few years of remission, then tumbled down the rabbit hole when I was 27. I’m now 32 and struggling once again. Not as bad as before, though. What is your career path? What do you want to do?


I want to become a psychiatrist and help people like us. My parents are very supportive and I can qualify for federal funding for school as I receive disability and whatnot. May take 10 more years or so to finish school but it’s my goal. I’m pretty smart and well-rounded in intelligence. And now that I’m straight with substance abuse and my meds I feel my mind can permit me to do something like this. Well I’m done blabbing.