Hope everyone is doing well

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I find polarity fascinating (in nature at least).

Did you know if you turn a watch upside down it ticks anti-clockwise? >>> MIND BLOWN <<<

But that principle is real, and can be seen with magnets. All they want to do is spin in the same direction, and if you turn one of them upside down then the others don’t want to be near to it any more. BUT THEY ARE THE SAME!


it works the same way with energy within all living things, within your mind as well. positive experiences will turn away from a positive mind.

How have you been @eyeofRa ? Long time no see!

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i am super well… i’ve been very happy and in control of myself and the experiences that i have… i’ve been doing lots of learning and being less fearful. a couple weeks ago i went on a small vacation by myself , and i hiked 7 miles. it was wonderful.


Hi @eyeofRa!
Always nice to see you around!


:blush:yeah,Nice to see you around.

Good that you have been well.

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That’s amazing!

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