Holy cow! Manjaro Linux!

It is the answer to all my Linux woes. It’s quite spectacular!

It’s like a mid-line between major Linux distros… and then raw manual by command line everything Linux.

Manjaro XFCE is among the most efficient full fledged desktop environments regarding contemporary affairs. Running at about 600 mb ram total for full functionality. I’m running software that would only choke and bobble on Windows at near full speed.

Sorry for the sales pitch… it’s free anyways.

I’m really just enthused.

They even have Manjaro Architect… which I’m messing around with now… If you’ve ever tried to install arch-linux you might know how frustrating it is… especially when trying to repeat the process specifically. Manjaro Architect is like a dos menu variant of the raw Arch-Linux install… streamlines the process and removes needing to remember the specific commands.

Hah1 Had to say it somewhere… I know there are some Linux fans on here. Just throwing a chip in the pot.


Wow sounds good. Gonna grab myself a copy. Tho i must admit im a bit of a script kiddie when it comes to using Linux - im too thick to understand even the basics sometimes. But yeah, cheers - will have a play with it later today. :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention - are there any “free” online courses that you know of that will teach me linux properly? Mines been with trial and error - with much failure. ta rog.

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I heard about Manjaro and even tried it, but it was pretty unstable back then.I look now on DistroWatch.com and is number one !

I’ve also used Arch Linux for a couple of years and liked it until I got tired of the rolling release model with the frequent updates that ruin your system. You can use Arch if you always want the latest and greatest, but most of the times you don’t need that. Right now, I’m using Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop.

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Yeah… it’s pretty cool seeing the tides of Linux distros… It usually seems like a fair assessment. I liked linux mint a whole lot but all of its repos were way behind what the news was talking about.

@Naarai I would say that finding good tutorials will always be a task specific thing. It’s taken me years to learn what I know, which still isn’t much.

I’d say that sticking to a single genre of linux is crucial if you want to find good heading quicker. There are drastically different spins.

There is a lot of intercompatibility but thats were things get real technical.

I’ve always been a fan of debian/ubuntu/linux mint… because installing software was always easy. Simple double click on the package., just like with windows.

Recently though it’s seemed more important to integrate github building… which needs a lot of prep but its real easy to use afterwards.

Enter Arch Linux… Arch has something that most distros lack… A really comprehensively robust and well maintained User Repository… It’s like github half integrated twin. Installing fresh builds off the web is finally just as easy as prebuilt packages that linux has always been made out of.

I could go on… but I do want to put one more note in… The realms do become pretty clear once you identify what the major elements of a linux system is.

kernel, base operating system(distro), session/login manager, desktop environment, personal software, and desktop configuration.

I say all that because if you start figuring out the major elements of those categories you can start to understand the various distros design angles and why they might work for you.

Basicall though… making head way just requires a whole lot of reading.

If you have a problem, try to find someone else who has posted about having the same issue. It’s not uncommon to find that a whole lot of people have the same problem… and when there isn’t a fix normally some wise guy will at least step in and say why it doesn’t work.

I have noticed that linux is getting a lot easier to use… Manjaro seems to have the greatest amount of potential because it has arch linux as it’s back end… and arch linux is spot on to what the spirit of linux should be about (in my opinion)… you can build your system, from scratch, to whatever end you need it for… no added flack.


I used to be really into lunux. But now I’m just mr. Mainstream with windows and android.


driod is still lunux buddy :P!

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Haha! True ! :smile:


Fantastic tip Azley. I accidentally came across a distro while just cruising YouTube for music (Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody)… so I got totally sidetracked with Linux wondering if I should give it another go. I just checked distrowatch.com and Manjaro is still #1 at 3924 hits per day! (Mint is 2213 HPD and Ubuntu is at 1299. How things have changed over the last few years!)


I’ll have to take this for a spin. I just recently ditched Win10 off of one system and set it up with Qtractor as my audio suite. It’s now my main production station. :slight_smile:


Currently running Linux Mint 19.


Edx has courses on linux.


Sorry I still prefer OpenSuse

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And that’s awesome! Linux is a buffet where you put only what you want on your plate. With Windows you have to choke on what MS shoves down your throat that day.


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Whoa dude that’s some good freeware.

Honestly, those high end production softwares are ripping off the world… Multi-hundred dollar production suites.

It’s just unfair to people who might have talent but lack having 500 dollars lying around… I mean money being made isn’t the crime it’s how exclusive they prefer to keep it… and how that jips the sense of widespread oppurtunity in the world.

I will make an especial note to promote this software when I can. It might be the same quality as GIMP… but if it does allow people to get it done then it’s still worth mentioning. Thank you!

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