For the Gnu/Linux geeks in here


Which distro do you use and why?

I’ve been using Lubuntu for several years and it’s been great. But now the latest version doesn’t recognize my wireless keybnoard.

Moved onto Manjaro, and it likes my keyboard, and is superior to Lubuntu, in many little ways.

Likin Manjaro…


I used to be a linux geek. Now I’m mr. Mainstream. I just want things to work out of the box now without tinkering.

But debian was my distro of choice back in the day.


I like manjaro… I think it’s a the best front end for arch linux. The way they rebundled video drivers totally made a mess out of getting my main rig to function properly.

It all boiled down to the window compositor in xfce 4… so I found a good alternative. It’s a got a steeper learning curve but runs with i3 on top of the xfce desktop backend… so new window manager and compositor.

It’s still arch linux underneath, so it’s got all the good stuff like manjaro…

It’s called ArcoLinux…

good stuff


I used to have Arch installed, but Manjaro seems easier to use.

Installing Arch doesn’t seem worth the effort to me, in order to have its bragging rights.


If you want to look 31337 then gentoo is the distro to choose, no? Compiling everything from source.


I use OpenSUSE , Fedora, unbutu, gentoo, kali, ectra…
but mainly windows for lesser gaming thing as well.


What’s a good distro for a beginner?


I’m partial to Linux mint on a desktop. I am using the Rivendell radio automation system, and I run that on CentOS with MariaDB.


Ubuntu is probably the best distro for a beginner, that’s what I started with.


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