Holiday gifts for pdoc and therapist


I’ve made it a habit of gift giving to my pdoc and therapist for Christmas. Nothing outrageous, last year I gave a personalized notepad and this year a pen holder. The way I figure, I get to see them without it costing me anything. But then again, I keep them in business (so to speak), but I think it’s the right thing to do–to show them I appreciate their time and consult. Sure a card would probably be just as appreciated, but they play such an important role in keeping me stable and working.

Does anyone else give to their pdoc/ therapist/ social worker during the holidays? If so, what do you give?


LOL no. I just wish them a happy Xmas. Also I try to be mindful of those that may not celebrate the season and try to word it accordingly.


No, but I like the idea.


I do send a thank you and happy holiday season card. Even the docs and therapist like to feel appreciated…


I’m an atheist, I give them unsolvable problems for Christmas and I’m laughing right now.


I sent a Christmas card to my son’s case worker.


I plan on giving cards.


lol a Christmas gift to my psychiatrist - no :smile:


i’m giving my therapist some flowers and a thank you note…of course it is sprinkled with a deadly toxin from the planet sith but hey it is the thought that counts…!?!

disclaimer: the last bit was not true about the poison.

take care :alien: …darth bunny :rabbit: and darth bug :bug: are rolling around the floor laughing…!