Holiday blues

It sounds like a lot of people had a hard time seeing their families on the holiday. This is a thread for people who need to be reminded they’re still good and valuable, even if they’re not living up to their family’s expectations.


Your not going to hell


My Easter is next week.Had terrible day yesterday not being supported by anyone.I live alone and hate it.No one of my family realizes that I can’t.Just got thrown at this apartment by my brother and I gave him everything.Feeling neglected.

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I want everyone to remember that you’re human beings. You deserve love and support and I’m sorry you don’t get as much of it as you need. I don’t believe anyone goes to hell, especially not people who have already had to suffer so much on earth. But that gets into religion so I won’t go There. Instead, I just want to reassure you that you’re still worth loving.


I had a hard time this year. My family was having a big gathering, and I decided not to go. I didn’t want to have to see my abusive older brother, so I just didn’t show up. I feel kind of guilty over it, but it’s not bad. I went out for sushi with Mr. Star and Star Sister instead, and it was delightful. Nobody gave me dirty looks, or tried to talk me out of becoming a foster parent. I didn’t have to pretend to be somebody else. I was surrounded by people who lift me up instead of bringing me down. But I still feel like a traitor.


I understand you’ve been through a lot in your life,and where was your family when you lived like you told before?You have every right to be happy with your life,now that you have family of your own.Don’t be sensitive too much to people who weren’t there when you needed support.

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Thanks. You’re totally right. There’s no reason to feel guilty over people who didn’t lift a finger to help when life wasn’t going well. I shouldn’t feel obligated to them now that I’m socially acceptable to them again.


Forgiveness is is a great virtue.I’m glad you are so forgiveful.I think that most schizophrenic because of their suffer have a great heart.

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Well I had my mom bday last month and I had my easter blues there…

This holidays started with one of my best friends bday! So after my last day on school I went partying! Then 2 days after I realized that I was behind on a few subjects and my ceiling felt.
Eitherway I didn’t gave up and kept on studying for one of I didn’t studied much…
Then before my heart stopped with all the articles I had to read, I saw the last year exam and I realized that was basically math - so I felt some hope, not that I’m great at it, but it’s the only thing that I don’t totally suck. :sweat_smile:
Yet I still feel bad for immunology that it seems endless…The teacher is faking to be a good person, when inside she’s horrible with the questions…She does questions of how many times something links to each other. It’s bad…

Well at least I have some friends to be with this holidays which makes me feel less bad after studying all day. Their company helps me listening less to my voices, so I’m very thankful for having them :slightly_smiling_face:

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