Holding on this little hope

Is it possible that my stress level at work help increase my symptoms and make me angry and stress out??

I am not lazy,if not I would not be working out for 1/1/2 hrs a day,but sometimes work is just too stressful that I destroy my trustworthiness and my credit and I don’t understand why my parent still insist me to go to work,I think they had their reasons,so I will just hold on

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Stress can easily aggravate symptoms.

Stress is a huge factor in triggering symptoms. Might be an idea to look at more ways of de-stressing tons of things on the net for it. But even just getting out for a walk once a day can help. One thing I did when living at home was try to avoid my parents pretty much as much as possible. Mostly it was go out as much as possible. As they where one of my biggest triggers. Mostly settled when I moved out of the family home.

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Why do some kids cannot accept and hate their parents,like me??i don’t know the reason,I am 24 years old had no friends nor relationship,very sad

Maybe join a offline support group most tend to run outside of working hours as many do work. A great way to get support also make friendships. Social clubs are also something to look at although disclosure would be an issue.

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