Does work help symptoms

Yesterday I was having a bad day. And my father in law yelled at me and said you need to always be moving don’t stop. Keep moving working will do you good. He’s said that from the very beginning. My partner I don’t know How she feels about his views of what he thinks is wrong with me

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Keeping busy helps. I used to be a caregiver.

But we need positive and happy people in our lives.


He believes that psychiatric meds are all BS but meds for blood pressure, diabetes and over the counter supplements are ok

NO work does not help symptoms

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I need to stay busy or my symptoms get worse, but that’s me. What works for me may actually make your symptoms worse. Also, you’re recovering from surgery, if your doctor says to limit movement, limit movement!

I also push myself to do stuff as otherwise my mind feels more manipulated by Sz.

Staying busy helps, when I was working I was a lot more capable of going out. Now out of work I tend to be more self-conscious and suspicious and paranoid. When I was working for 6-8 hour shifts, when I’d go out I was like this is nothing.

It depends on what you’re doing.

But it sounds like your father in law is terribly ignorant. He shouldn’t be pushing you around when you’re injured.

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Constantly working to the degree they force you to is bad for everyone, whether they have a mental illness or not. Constantly moving is especially bad for someone who just had ankle surgery. He is abusive. Don’t listen to anything he says.


The stress involved with working triggers both visual and auditory hallucinations with me, even when I take 30 mg Haldol. So no, it doesn’t help, it makes it worse.

Staying busy and social is very good for me. If I am staying busy and socializing I don’t have time to be delusional. I would recommend trying to get a 15-20 hr part time job. Try being a cashier at Dollar Tree. I worked their for a year. It was really nice and low stress. On second thought, I need to take my own advice and get a JOB.

Agreed, honestly @cbbrown, every time you describe how your in-laws treat you, I start thinking that somewhere there sits an underutilized wood chipper.


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Work stresses me out sometimes, some jobs being more stressful than others, but I think I do better mentally when I’m working lower stress jobs.

I think working a low stress job has greatly helped my symptoms, it’s given me a meaning and a purpose for now. However when the stress at my workplace goes up I notice my symptoms can get worse.


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