Hiiiiiiiiiii everyone

I am not feeling too well at the moment (temporary)

So that’s why I’m being clingy to this site this night.

Since I cannot fall asleep.

Hope everyone is well?

What are you all up to any highlights for the next few days or weeks?

For me

I plan on losing a bit of weight. Really want slim legs. And a flat flat flat belly.

Also, Im really into Berry fruits atm for breakfast,

Just started that habit.


In my early 20’s, I tried to bulk up by drinking these protein milkshakes.

But I was too lazy to work out which you were supposed to do on this stuff…so all of the weight went straight to my gut. I have skinny legs and developed a huge gut from these shakes.

My brother hadn’t seen me in a while…took one look at me and said…

“Holy crap! You look like an egg on stilts!”

Needless to say, I stopped drinking the weight shakes immediately! lol!


I’m trying to settle down and go to sleep. I’m afraid to fall asleep because this morning I was not well when I woke up. Anxiety. Need a stronger reason for living.

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Hello friend!

Much love from Jimmy and I.

My highlight was scoring some sweatpants in my size and color today lol!

I’m also loving my new Skechers shoes. They’re super comfy! :blush:


When my wife was pregnant with the twins, she was so big I used to tease her saying she had to buy her clothes from Omar the Tent Maker! :wink:


I hope you feel better soon. Nothing much just got some new vans and some clothing, lol. Paid some bills and left my dad at the air port. I’m on that plan, losing weight and all that. I’m trying to find a way to build new habits, so far how are you coming along? I picked up the habit to exercise and walk from time to time just to get the blood pumping and hopefully lose weight. I love berries, especially in a parfait or a smoothie lol, I love fruit smoothies. Hopefully it all works out.


I had a psychotic episode the other day, but i bounced back. I had a good sleep and applied some spiritual psychology I learned from the net. I feel good that i don’t needed to go to hospital and can help myself.

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What kind of Vans shoes did you get?

I want the Vans Ultrarange EXO, but they’re super expensive! :grimacing:

Don’t drink that tea again!

I am hoping you can have an anxiety free sleep tonight


Those that look like boots?


Ooooooo those are fresh!

I think those might be the chukka. Not sure though.

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I really want to lose weight too, the last three weeks I’ve gained. And I gain. It becomes very very obvious. I hate it so much

I’m going to try to preserve with lifting as much as possible, I hate that I can’t go running though, I ALWAYS get shinsplints and it’s like the bones are tearing themselves apart - concerns me like hell when it happens so I just stopp. 🥲

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One of my brothers searches fat songs on youtube to tease me with like this one, as a joke.

TThanks!!! I’ll look them up, I love vans, tbh. Favorite shoe brand

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that is awesome :slight_smile:

I am happy for you my dude!

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What’s poppin’ yo?! I’m just chillaxin’ watching YouTube. I’m also trying to lose some weight. Smoking less with Chantix, tomorrow my dose gets doubled, it’s the first day of Week 2 of a four week treatment.

I like chatting, but there’s usually nobody on the SZ discord this late at night.


Thank you! :blush:

I have a couple pairs of jeans that fit me too.

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That is exciting. :slight_smile:

Feel free to be accountability bud on here if you want, we can just check in on each other on this thread once every week or fortnight, but if that is too much pressure I understand.

well, this night I broke away from my diet, that is why I feel a bit crap. but before that I was doing well for two days.

great stuff, I am pleased for you.

yeah that is really awesome, I am trying to do the same with my symptoms

I absolutely LOVE clothes shopping and getting stuff that works well on me…so I understand :slight_smile: …(when I have the money that is lol)