Hiiiiiiiiiii everyone

congrats man that is really gonna be so beneficial for you I believe, I am rooting for you all the way.

Just had a kiwi I think I will be able to sleep better now…take care cheerio


I feel the same, can’t run either…but for me it is cos of the aps…it really is annoying…but I am beginning to think maybe running is just not for me. Like maybe it is too much stress for my body anyhows?

I wish you all the best with your weight loss journey, you can do it …yeah when it becomes obvious that is the annoying part with weight gain, especially on the face I find.

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Thanks! Of course that would be really cool! I’m down. Same here I kind of messed up, but nothing that can’t be fixed. It will be alright. Hows your night going?

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How is the aps affecting you regarding fitness?

For me it’s the motivation (possibly), and then also wanting to have meals but I feel these things can be controlled (but now I realise the less dopamine you have, the more you crave - this is deffo an ap problem :man_facepalming:

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Thanks, it will save me 300 a month. I only get 1000 a month so that’s a HUGE portion of my money just burning away.

Kiwis frighten me :open_mouth:

Have a good sleep!

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yay that is the spirit.
My night is going ok I guess, been on the forum for the most part but also been cleaning my room for the first time since Xmas so I feel satisfied about that achievement.

Think I will go to bed soon, it is 6.30 am

Take care! :), hope you have a good one

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yea IDK I guess this could be why, I think you might be onto something yea…I thought about that too.

For me the problem is mainly motivation too and feeling disconnected from things in general compared to how it used to be before antipsychotics…

I agree though, with enough willpower, I like to believe that I can get through this. including the food cravings

TBH I am bit concerned about serious side effects in the future that is my main concern, TD, and Parkisnosns. But still, I am beginning to think it is best not to come off the meds ever…? that is what I am leaning towards now.

I’ve just realised another effect. If you’re on aripiprazole is muscles stiffness. That might be why I feel I have shin splints just by trying to run. Which means if I keep at it. It might become endurable.

I have the problem alongside motivation too. For some reason I feel like, if you focus hard with your eyes on objects and things around you. Or the goal of the day or hour, you get less mind clutter, I feel so at least

You WILL get through it!!!

I’m going to try lots now too tbh, try to make it a habit. It can’t hurt

You’re in the uk aren’t you? Side effects to disease like those will be prevented by your carestaff, trust the system I guess is the best way to deal with that fear. I personally make sure I’m aware of how I feel and then stop using my antipsychotics and resume when it gets better - but this isn’t a good idea for generic sz at all, in my case I always always tell my nurse when and how often I use my antipsychotics

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ok, fair enough, you know when enough is enough for yourself best so it is good to try with the running if you think you still can.

thanks so will you …

Yes I am in the UK, I just hope that the care system will still be good by the time that we are older. That is a good point, yea Just come off when need be. Hopefully we do not get any irreversible effects in the future.

Imma head to bed now, best of wishes with everything, I have not slept yet lol

Hope today was a good day for you. I managed to keep my calories low for today. Hope you managed to do that too. Ttyl

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Hey I’ve been doing badly this night.
It is so difficult I just did not know how to control it.
Going to try again.

Glad you’re managing to keep your calorie intake low, I’m rooting for you.

Going on a really strict diet for 16 days. Sounds crazy but I think I’ve got no choice. I feel like the consequences will be good if I do.

I trimmed in my mustache just now.

I’m also fat.


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You mean you just cut a part of it?

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I haven’t shaved in like 2 weeks AND I’m fat too.


OK guyz I’m a girl and I also haven’t shaved in like months. Lol.


Well I had a goatee but I hated it lol. So I trimmed the chin part off and kept the mustache.

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Ah cool. I’m sure it looks good :slight_smile:

Btw, I’m also a lil fat, hehe

Nice to hear from you :hugs:

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Yeah, the stache might grow on me. It looks authentic at least. :slight_smile:

Nice to chat with you as well. :hugs:

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You are so positive for not feeling too well! Keep it up! :wink: I want to lose a bit of weight too but think it’s impossible at the moment due to just starting clozaril 3 weeks ago… I’ve gained 12 pounds that fast! Instead of full meals I bought nutritional shake mix & lots of salad. Wish me luck​:+1:

My parents just helped me cosign for. A 2016 travel trailer to live in instead of this loud annoying apartment. I cannot stand how busy, loud and chaotic with animals & humans. My parents live rural so I will have peace & a gorgeous view! I am trying to sell ALL my furniture but it’s not going as fast as I would like. Only would 2 out of 16 pieces… I’m just gonna end up donating in the end which makes me feel better anyhow.

Other than that I don’t know what else to ink input.

Hope everyone is swell!

Xoxoxo :two_hearts::kissing_cat: :kiss: