Highly delusional & 'have no motivation'

I’ve almost no motivation, whatsoever, to do anything meaningful. Also, most of the times, probably, I’m delusional. I almost lost my life due to grandiosity delusions. I was on Chlorpromazine but I stopped it completely due to severe athymhormia. Right now I’m on Olanzapine.

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Hi pacific, it might be worth to try clozaril, see to help with the negative symptoms!

Yes, I understand the feeling. I don’t know what dose you are on, but 20mg made it impossible for me to do anything, 10mg, much better, but still very hard to motivate myself. Now I’m on 5mg and I am able to work part time and motivate myself to do things like excersise and go for walks.

I guess one option could be to try to lower your dose gradually with your doctors concent if possible.

I also recommend supplementing to counter side effect of drugs.

How long have you been on olanzapine? Did you notice a difference?

I suffer with very low motivation most if not all of the time so everything I do is very hard. But I have to do things to be part of my family ability to thrive and it’s the only thing that drives me. I am having delusions creeping on me and trying to filter what’s real all the time and seeing things again. The combination is very very hard. Tell yourself that and be kind to yourself. That is what I am trying to do today. I am pretending that I am in the hospital and not doing much and I am only goi g to go buy a new journal today for some notes for my nurse appts. Do nice things for yourself, whatever you want

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