On which med you had the most motivation?

It was for me invega and lexapro combo, and only after being stable for 3 years


Yeah invega was ok. Not that it helped, just wasnt too detrimental.

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Lurasidone has been life altering. When I was on a high dose of Olanzapine I slept 12 hours a day, and the 12 hours I was up I had no energy or motivation to do anything.

Now that I am on Lurasidone I feel so much better, I actually got a job for the first time in over a decade. It’s only part time for now…but baby steps.


I think Clozapine. But, I had terrible side effects with it.

Right now the Ziprasidone/Abilify combination is also working well.

Latuda and abilify have worked well for me. I’m on abilify now

Now with haldol, chlorpromazine and clozapine

i’m not sure anymore… since i been on meds my motivation just went down… and it didn’t go up anymore… it did for a bit when i was on ritalin but that eventually got bad cause i got relapse again.

Abilify then Latuda.

Probably Abilify 155555

Currently on latuda and Seroquel and im pretty ambitious.

When I was on 100mg invega i just sat around playing ps4 all day maybe going for one 1hr walk a day. when I dropped down to 75mg within 6 months I was training for a new job.


Geodon plain and simple

Invega and sertraline

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I guess Abilify. I still have severe motivational problems. But at least I’ve been able to force myself to walk/jog with my dog lately. On invega I was just a zombie.

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I was able to lose 50lbs of weight on 400mg of injectable Abilify from Summer of 2017 to the Winter of 2019.

I don’t think it is the medication that determines one’s motivation but thy own self. But that’s just my honest opinion.

Geodon was a miracle for me.

Definitely the Abilify/Clozapine combo I’m on currently

On a mix of Abilify and Risperdal. I was only on it for a few weeks while I transitioned from one to the other, but it was amazing. I had the pep of Abilify without the akathisia and my symptoms were settled AFAIK. Pdoc wouldn’t let me stay on them both saying it was potentially dangerous.

İ m invega for 5 years and my motivation is full and managed to work full times all these years. Without any problem.and my mood is fantastic without any positive symptoms.only negative thing is my weight but its my fault i ate without caring.but nowadays im looking after what i eat.hopefully i will give 10 kilos.its the best medicine that i had

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I was on Clopixol 12 years and I had alot of motivation