Just participated in a reunion gathering with my old classmates

I have got an invitation. I think if I’m still being invited, I better go and dont give up on the relationship. So I see some people today who I haven’t meet for several year after receiving the diagnosis.

It goes easier than I anticipated. Actually my friend says they might not be able to recognize me as my appearance changed. But they did. I am happy I was there. We will meet again soon.

It is sad that most of them have got their own family but I don’t. I have to live with that. This is the hard part.


I have a hard time going back to my high school because I showed such promise that seemingly hasn’t been realized.


Wow, that was really brave of you to go! :slight_smile: I feel left out too sometimes when old school friends have.got successful careers, spouses, kids… But in my case I never really wanted any of that stuff anyway
I’m happy with my own little life and happy not being your average Joe with 2.4 kids, big screen TV and all that junk :wink:

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That’s very brave of you. I don’t go to high school reunions. As much as I tell myself to not compare myself to others I do–and realize how unsuccessful I am compared to my peers from high school. This is especially true since I was considered “the smart girl” in school back then.