High-quality evidence on medical marijuana's efficacy lacking, experts say

"Medical marijuana laws differ by state, but medical marijuana is not approved by the FDA to treat any medical condition. As a result, state approval has been based on ‘low-quality scientific evidence, anecdotal reports, individual testimonials, legislative initiatives, and public opinion,’ wrote Deepak Cyril D’Souza, MBBS, MD, and Mohini Ranganathan, MBBS, of Yale University, in an accompanying editorial. 'Imagine if other drugs were approved through a similar approach.'

"Whiting’s group searched for randomized, controlled trials testing cannabis, or cannabinoid-based medications, across 28 databases through April 2015 and settled on 79 trials with 6,462 participants for this meta-analysis.

"A few trials had patients with Tourette syndrome, glaucoma, sleep disorders, psychosis, depression or anxiety, but none of them provided reliable research, the authors noted.

“Whiting’s group determined that only 5% had a low risk of bias, and 70% were considered high risk. Some of this bias was due to lack of double-blinding and placebo controls.”

I, however, am not taking the position that THC or cannabinol are ineffective for everyone who take them for whatever specific maladies they have. I will suggest, however, that those who believe in marijuana tend to be those who have ingested it for a long time.


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The amount of strains regarding cannabis have not yet been researched well enough to say there is absolute medical benefit for different conditions. That is not to say it is a cure all nor that the dosage and potency should not be measured. Much like the variety of medications there are for similar maladies. A little like how drinking “red” wine on occasion is beneficial to over all health.

Actually, I would say, a lot like how drinking “red” wine on occasion is beneficial to over all health. Because much of that research was similarly biased or selectively reported out of context.

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I don’t think the ‘medical marijuana’ in question here is the low-to-none THC / high CBD (cannabidiol) variety that has been hyped as a treatment for schizophrenia though. This was supposed to show some promising results in trials. I think you’d need an extract of it though.

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I respect that, I feel diet is unique from person to person. Generally safe to say that fruits and vegetables are good for everyone though.

Agreed… at least as long as I don’t eat them to the exclusion of everything else. (Burp.) (Red-faced.)

I like to shove weed bricks in strangers mailboxes as a philanthropist

I still dont know what to make of this. My Dad-who has some kind of personality disorder--is 81 years old, and still smokes. He is usually in a much better mood afterward. I think it just calms his anxiety. My ex used to smoke a lot-then quit because he said he was starting to get paranoid. My son-who has paranoid sz-doesnt smoke anymore, but I always wonder if this would help him at all. His system always seems to do the opposite of what other`s do.
Is it possible that it could calm the paranoia and anxiety? As his mom, I would not suggest this to him-but I wonder…

Which is one of the major problems with much of the so-called research of maryjane. One is introducing a large and complex molecule into a large and complex collection of genetics, epigenetics and environmental influences, stressful or not. Making generalized inferences about the efficacy of a “pharmaceutical” without correcting for confounding factors is not rigorous, empirical research.

Most genuine – or intended – pharmaceuticals are constructions of far simpler compounds than an herbal remedy like marijuana… which is part of the reason why empirical research can make more relatively accurate judgments about their efficacy… but even then…

We know this much from observation: Those who have used a lot of marijuana in the past tend to be those who want to use it medicinally. Imagine that.

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Dont know if that is true for all. What about the people who are migrating to Co. for their kids to get some of this medicine? My Dad didnt start smoking until he was in his 50s..... I guess like everything else, its individual-and we can`t know everything for sure-all experimental.

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