A comprehensive study slams many of the alleged benefits of marijuana and points to serious negative effects

A study just released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine slams many of the purported benefits of marijuana. In one of the most comprehensive studies of the effects of marijuana ever, a heavy-hitting lineup of health and medical experts punched holes in several key arguments that marijuana proponents make

It can almost certainly ease chronic pain and might help some people sleep, but it’s also likely to raise the risk of getting schizophrenia and might trigger heart attacks.

Those are among the conclusions about marijuana reached by a federal advisory panel in a report released Thursday.

The experts also called for a national effort to learn more about marijuana and its chemical cousins, including similarly acting compounds called cannabinoids.

Full Study Summary Report here:


Complete report seems to be available for free from here:


and you can read it easily here on-line (without entering your email address - just click on the link below:

More of a write up on the topic here:


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I was a heavy cannabis smoker for the majority of my teens and twenties. Day and night I smoked cannabis to treat my depression and social anxiety.
There is no doubt in my mind that it contributed to my development of a psychotic disorder. Simply put, my brain didnt develop in a normal way because I never gave it a chance.
There was no real research for or against it back then other than some government propaganda films that we all considered a joke. It was the beginning of an era that ultimately led to where we are today with marijuana being legalized and decriminalized. Most of my old smoking buddies don’t use pot anymore for various reasons, I guess I was one of the unlucky few who now has permanent consequences from trying to have “a good time”

In other words, Weed is no worse or better than the antipsychotics we take! Yeah they might take the voices away but they might give you diabetes or a fatal heart arrhythmia!

Big deal. If a doctor thinks it’s in their patient’s best interests to prescribe marijuana, they should be able to do it. It’s a decision for the doctor and their patient, not the government.

The problem isn’t that you smoked weed. The problem is WHEN you smoked. You smoked during the time when the prefrontal cortex and other parts of the brain are still developing. If you had waited until your brain was ready you’d be fine.

I want to point something out. I personally do not smoke, though I have a few times and it simply temporarily exacerbated what I already have. There have been plenty of studies proving the benefits of marijuana (especially regarding cancer, its rather fascinating). The idea that cannabis causes Schizophrenia has been debunked, though it can aid in it surfacing if you have a family history.

I also want to point out that NAS has some bias issues in favor of companies interests. This was more obvious in their “study” regarding GMOs (increased pesticide, etc. Not winter resistent stuff), which many countries have enacted bans against. There are many reasons why companies would have an interest in cannabis being perpetuated as harmful. The main reasons being to continue pushing their drugs for cancer, anxiety, etc. They don’t profit from cannabis.

“almost one in five scientists appointed to an NAS panel, had direct financial ties to companies or industry groups with direct stakes in the outcome of the study. Almost half of the panels examined had scientists with readily identifiable biases, not offset by scientists with alternative points of view. CSPI didn’t dispute the quality of reports produced by the National Academies, however, it recommended the NAS strengthen its policies for avoiding and disclosing conflicts of interest and for maintaining balance in the interest of maintaining public credibility.”


I like to point out other sides and facts regarding issues like this. Its good to see all the pieces in play.

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I never enjoyed the high of marijuana that much. Some people just love it, but not me. Alcohol was my drug of choice.

Yea I agree. I should have spent more time focusing on a career rather than trying to be a Rastafarian in high school. It’s where I grew up. Drugs were plentiful. I’m sure if I hadn’t smoked starting at 15. I’d be kicking back now with a spliff watching snoop dog and Martha Stewart and smiling. If I were to smoke pot today I would have to be forcibly restrained and injected with haldol in a hospital. It’s ■■■■■■ rediculous.
Have you ever listened to pink Floyd?

No - I completely disagree with that. There was one study not showing an association - but many dozens of studies that do show increased risk. You can always cherry pick research to support your position that you want to be true, but its not helpful. Ultimately you have to look at the bulk of the studies.

In this new summary presented - they reviewed over 10,000 research studies on Marijuana - the most comprehensive overview ever done. I think it is more reliable than any single study that you want to refer to.

Referring to conflicts of interest - I’m not sure how that is relevant - since there are no direct conficts of interest identified in the people who did this study (correct me if I’m wrong).

and as your wikipedia source mentions:

“According to Mr. Goozner, the NAS consistently puts out “pretty good reports” , but having an excess of pro-industry experts most likely has subtle effects on more subtle questions, such as how much dioxin is toxic:”

The summary is as follows:

There is moderate evidence of a statistical association between cannabis use and:

• The impairment in the cognitive domains of learning, memory, and attention (acute cannabis use) (11-1a)
There is limited evidence of a statistical association between cannabis use and:
• Impaired academic achievement and education outcomes (11-2)
• Increased rates of unemployment and/or low income (11-3)
• Impaired social functioning or engagement in developmentally appropriate social roles (11-4)
There is limited evidence of a statistical association between sustained abstinence from cannabis use and:
• Impairments in the cognitive domains of learning, memory, and attention (11-1b)


There is substantial evidence of a statistical association between cannabis use and:
• The development of schizophrenia or other psychoses, with the highest risk among the most frequent users

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Syd Barret who got schizophrenia from taking drugs they felt was immortalized in the song Shine On You Crazy Diamond.
They’re a a line that goes… talks about him reaching for the secret too soon(experimenting with drugs)
And then how now he’s got eyes that look like black holes in the sun.

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Eats popcorn? But shares with @SzAdmin …lol