Hi! I want to know your experiences with Ziprasidone (Geodon) and Chlorpromazine (Thorazine/Largactil). And about the voices

Hi all!

I want to speak about the meds that I’m taking now.
And I want to know if you take these meds now or if you used it in the past.

I’m taking now these meds:

  • Ziprasidone (Geodon) - 80mg - 2x/day
  • Chlorpromazine (Thorazine/Largactil) - 100mg - 1x/day

What are your experiences with these meds?

I’m taking these 2 meds now, recently.

I started taking Geodon for about 1 month ago,
and I started taking Thorazine 2 days ago.

I used to hear a lot of voices, everyday, 24/7, all the time,
and after taking Thorazine I’m starting to get better
to these mess of voices.

Could someone help me, please?

Chlorpromazine makes me feel very weak and my back are stiffed. I believed this is the side effect so i have to drop it. It was hell!

Yes, years ago I had a PRN for 50 mgs. of Thorazine.

A PRN is a “Prescription when Necessary”.

Well, yeah Thorazine would unwind me a bit when I was laced too tight.


Geodon equals heart disease


I’m using Thorazine, 100mg per day.
And Geodon, 80mg, 2 times per day.



I’m using Geodon, 80mg, 2 times per day.

I felt my heartbeat gets faster at times.
Do you take Geodon?

I did for a number of years. Ask away…I’m all ears.

I tolerated Thorazine well. Was on 600mg a day. Very few side effects.

Do you felt in the past, faster heartbeat?

Thorazine is the most famous anti-psychotic probably. Probably because it was the first to be widely used. It’s also an old one so tends to have more side-affects.

My first time in the hospital i wrote a rap

“one day i’ll be in the magazine
thanks to the thorazine”

then i changed it to “no thanks to the thorazine”

tupac also wrote a rap about thorazine

i don’t remember actually taking thorazine but i must have, because I wrote a rap about it. I think the nurse said to me once “time to take your thorazine!” gawd awfullest words ever uttered to me.

I hope it helps you though

Yes. And my blood pressure was ■■■■■■ insanely high.

Get an EKG with an internal medicine Doctor. You need to take care of your heart. I had to go off Geodon.


I was with high cholesterol, I need to make a medical checkup.

Geodon won’t cause high cholesterol. Most other antipsychotics in the same class can but Geodon just doesn’t.

Ask about your heart rhythm and blood pressure. Geodon at your dose can mess up your heart rhythm and it does in fact always mess with your heartbeat pause.


In some moments I felt my heartbeat more faster suddenly.

At your dose it makes your heartbeat go “lub - pause - dub” when a normal QT interval is “lub-dub”.

But palpitations and crap, no, get that fixed. That’s dangerous.


This is sad… :cry:
I need to talk with my pdoc,
I thinking if she could prescribe Clozapine,
because my schzophrenia is refractory
(because of the many voices that I hear, for example)

That is good thinking. Clozapine is just the drug for refractory schizophrenia.

Good luck and feel free to ask questions. It’s one of the best ways to learn.

Not necessarily. My cardiologist isn’t overly concerned about it. Guessing he’s more informed on the topic than you are.


Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

I’m using Thorazine also.

But I’ll talk with my psychologist and see if her could talk with my pdoc with me about that question of Clozapine.