Hi I am new here! Looking some advice

Hello, I am new to this website. Was diagnosed in 2000 and have been ‘stable’ for about 10 years, by this I mean I know the importance of taking my medication.

I lead a fairly normal life…I have a son, a partner , I have a permanent term time job…I have issues with anxiety around people. In my job I work with lots of people and it is often busy.

I am returning to the workplace after the summer in 2 weeks time …I am beginning to feel dread about it, the last time I saw my psychiatrist I told him I think I have a bit of social anxiety ( although I have never been diagnosed it) , he told me he would discuss it with me at the next appointment…and if there is a problem there he will then cross that bridge.

Also, is there anyone here from the UK?

I get DLA at present, but the thought of possibly not qualifying for PIP in the future is making me anxious and some money worries are surfacing again.

My job is ok…it is term time, meaning I only work when the students are in…so I only work 30 weeks a year…my pay is decent I suppose…but there’s always this worry at the back of my mind that I will have no money.

I don’t really hear voices ( at least I don’t think I do) but I really wish I could get advice on how to help myself.

I had cancer 2 years ago and survived it…if I can beat that I should be able to beat SZ.

But it’s hard…nobody at work knows my condition - I just wish the stigma wasn’t there.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated , thanks!!!


As you are a survivor that should give you strength and power in yourself to know your capacity to heal is within, and staying true to who you are. Schizophrenia to me is an unconscious echo of a condition that needs a hand and heart, and self love love for others is good also inner balance to survive tough times build a foundation of strength knowing that life may be a blink or glimpse and that every moment is special in that it teaches us lessons. Communicate better your thoughts through minimal writing or inner dialogue and drink water make sure you get minerals and time in nature with the earth. I basically don’t have schizophrenia because I overcame it often I know the sources of suffering which are diverse from accidents and suffering protect your child I have a sense he is going to face a hardship with you and that your love and willing ness to see the truth will make the difference. Let love shine a light on your existence, and be confident that God has a plan for you eternally.

Starrynight, your response touched me deeply - so much that I became tearful…thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot…

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You’re a champion keep going!

I don’t know the nature of your illness.

I think is natural to assume that people can see the manifestations of the illness in you, because you can see it.

THEY DON"T HAVE THIS CYPHER!.. so relax. Just focus on doing you work and saying what needs to be said.

I tell everyone about my illness after a while (Because I’m fucking pissed that no one ever warned me) and they all should know that schizophrenia is out there and some of us are totally normal+hallucinations.

Hopefully the U.K. and U.S. move into living-wage systems like they are doing in the EU so that less people in the lower-income brackets aren’t stuck worrying about money.

congrats on beating cancer.
you have a good attitude :heart:
take care :alien:

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