Hi how are you today?

I just wish to shake hands so to speak with my friends on this forum. thank god there are several and I cannot name them all. I never kept a list.

anyways in a sense we all are friends with each other here. so here it is a great big hug to you all.

I value this friendship. judy


I’m a doing well, thank you. :smile:

I’ve accomplished all of the cleaning I’ve been putting off for waaay too long.

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Spent all morning,afternoon, evening removing spyware,malware, pop up ads that sound like commercials. :computer:

Kind of buffetted around -

The thought of pop up ads that sound like commercials is enough to send me over the edge. Sounds like a job that needed to be done!

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meh could be better…i need some weed lol

@Trigger Ever since I installed an ebook torrent it’s been the spyware apocalypse. :book: :running: :police_car: :star: :stars:

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I installed a music torrent app a few years back… I would have been better of throwing my laptop out of the darn window!

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Guys just one advice, dont download music only torrents or ebook only torrents. Youre better off downloading uTorrent or even torch browser which has a built in torrent. It lets you download all types of files and i can guarantee at least for the torch browser that its totally safe and spyware free ^^

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I don’t even know how to download stuff. I’m completely lost. :stuck_out_tongue: