My friend says voices are just inner monologue

He thinks it’s just my inner monologue talking and there are no such things as voices. Do you think he’s right? I feel like they are different. I don’t talk to my inner monologue but I do to my voices. My voices seem separate.

I have internal voices, as many other schizophrenics have. They are hallucinations no matter if they come from inside or outside. That’s what my pdoc taught me

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Your friend is wrong.
Just because he doesn’t hear voices, doesn’t mean others don’t.

I’ve had people tell me the same thing. Either it is inner monolgue or intrusive thoughts. Then I get people who say the sounds I hear are actual sounds that happened, but that others miss. It gets annoying because it is as if my symptoms are being dismissed. When I am feeling well it angers me that the things that make me feel bad when sick are being brushed off.

Can you have a conversation in your head with these voices? Do they use words or speak in a way you normally wouldn’t? Do they take your actual thoughts and use them to mess with you?

If not, it is still likely intrusive thoughts if you can’t seem to tell where they came from or if they seem “forced” in there. People don’t unnderstand what they can’t see or touch, that’s why it’s so hard for them to get it

Your voices are your inner monologue in high-definition stereo. Your brain is not working properly, so it’s interpreting your thoughts as something you actually hear. I totally get why you think your voices are separate from your thoughts, because I’ve been there. Once you get on the right medication and therapy, you’ll be able to figure out your voices are really you. In the meantime, keep telling yourself that the voices are your own thoughts that you are hearing and stay focused on the present, not on what’s going on in your head.

I thought my voices were separate beings from a seed in my soul. They are not. They are my thoughts. They still mess with me, try to convince me of things, talk to me, and give me commands. Maybe you are confused too. Don’t worry, they are still your thoughts. That realization doesn’t change much though I’ll be honest. I hope you can find some peace. I’m sorry your friend doesn’t understand. It’s hard to understand unless you’ve been there.

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Yes he’s right ur brain just doesn’t recognize it

I treat what goes on in my head as my thoughts. It’s like a split of opinion and different views that have to be thought through and made into rationale decisions. I know what’s inside and what is outside because I use noise-cancelling headphones and music. I ignore abusive and snide comments about me.

The only time I struggle is when I am at home smoking in my kitchen as the window is open.

So do I understand that several of you are saying that the auditory hallucinations are really just the thought process of the patient?

Any other explanation leads to people doubting you sanity and other people don’t like it. I have been down the path of trying to convince people it was important, but it’s really not i’m afraid.

Insight is apparently good, but not so much for those things we thought were true.

The brain perceives things in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious.When you consciously hear anything that isn’t in the real world then it is either your unconscious or subconscious talking to you.

The mind picks up thousands upon thousands of perceptions a day whether you realise them or not. They all enter your mind. Most things are dismissed, others remembered and stored away.

With the illness perceptions are not dismissed properly. It enters your subconscious and relays this information to you in the form of an auditory hallucination. It is sort of like what you expect to hear. A complicated layer of understanding that isn’t processed properly.

It is an inner dialogue, but not a formed one like when you are conscious. A cross over, if you like. An inner dialogue is formed in consciousness. A voice is subconscious or unconscious.

Someone else posted this link awhile ago, but it is well worth the read that explains simply the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind:

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