Hi all, I decided to come back

In the past one week I did some family tree research and discovered I have a great family tree. I was able to trace some people back to 1590, but there are still some mysteries such as my greatgrandfather, which is why I may have to take one DNA test. In the 16th and 15th century there were some great immigration movements. There have been many schizophrenic persons in my family roots, which indicates that some of this is genetic.

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Shamanism is passed down through lineage at times, this is nothing more than passing down spirits to your descendants.

And perhaps some of my problem is genetic, although it can’t be the cause, i know it is not the cause. Although my genetics might look tasty to them, it’s still them though and not my genetics.

If a guy is attacked by a gang member for wearing a red shirt is it because he has a red shirt on? No, it’s the gang member, not the shirt.

I don’t see a lot of schizophrenia in my family tree. But there is that age peer second cousin on the same side where the Isaac Newton genes are located.

I see a lot of awful drinking in my family tree. I did some awful drinking myself for a few years. I behaved in an alcoholic blackout pretty much the same as the other family members behaved in an alcoholic blackout. Therefore, maybe when we were that intoxicated by drink we were forced out of our bodies and run by the same spirit that leaches onto our family in this way.

Was I bothered by entities when I was psychotic? Did the medicine some how knock out the entities ability to interact with me? Maybe.

I’m pretty grateful I don’t drink. Presuming I make it, it’ll be forty years next month since I have had any alcohol. But following me is another generation of black out drinkers, it seems.

I’m pretty grateful I take medication and healthy life style changes that make my schizophrenia easier for me.



Yes, I know what alcohol can do. During my family tree research, I discovered that one of my grandfather had won in the lottery and purchased a little farm using these moneys, but then he had drank his money and lost the farm that had to be sold 70 years ago and then they had to move to the place where poor people lived at that time.

I know this is off topic, but I wanted to say hello and I’m glad you made it over.

Hi, it’s nice to see u here.

I have discovered all kinds of things during this family tree research. Today, I discovered that I am genetically linked to the Vepsä-people in Russia, they have Finnish origins and they are not Russians, this is my maternal lineage. My paternal lineage is still unknown, because my grandfather was given his mother’s last name in 1899 in Viborg that was the part of the Imperial Russia. Only the Y-DNA-test can clarify this matter and at least six males in my family tree can resolved this mystery. The test costs 119 dollars + shipping, but I have no credit card so I have to find out the way to discover this truth in the future.

From Scottish to Mexican to Japanese just in my Mom’s and Dad’s immediate bloodline, I don’t think I would have the energy to try and track my tree.
Are you using a service as well, or are you following all the leads one by one?

There are different families who have done already some research. I paid 10 euros to get one family branch tree that goes back to 1590. Some families have given me their research without any payment. Then I have contacted some church registries who have given me the information. Also there are people on the net who have done this for longer time and they have given me some info. I have shared my findings with people who have given me this info. I have a good family tree in Genebase.com. All this has been done on the net, except that I have received some info from my mother and her sister.

I did this family tree reseach in 10 days and it is quite good. It cost only 20 euros (26 dollars or so). I wanted to give my family a Christmas gift and because I am poor I can not really buy gifts, but this research may be more valuable, because now my siblings, their children and their future children have a complete family tree developed and so they know where they are from. There are some Eastern Orthodox Christian people, some Germanic people in my family tree and so on. I am also a keeper of old photos from the past generations and I used my second cell phone to digitize these and I shared these with people in some families. It was my Christmas gift for all these people.