Hey you guys

Hey guys hope you are all are having a wonderful day. I havent been on here as much as usual, less and less as the weeks go by really. Kinda losing interest in the site, its always the same old ■■■■ in my opinion. Im almost afraid to post most times because i fell like ill offend someone or theyll take something personally when it has absolutly no relationship to them at all, or if I post after certian people, theyll think im trying to say something about them. which is pretty lame in my opinion. And its not a matter of paranoia, considering the comments that typically tend to follow lol But I never care too much of what people think of me anyway especially when I’ve never met them in person. But I do occasionally enjoy getting a rise out of them and I do miss some of my friends on here and I enjoy adding positive commentary in the health and wellness section. So I guess ill check back in every now and then. Hope you all are well and prospering. Ive been doing pretty good lately. My fiance and I have finally set a date for the wedding: 2/22/22, were also getting ready to buy a house too, I invested some of our money into the stock market and its paying off well . Im also less than two months away from finishing med school! Im so ■■■■■■■ stoked. Also if your reading this, a big shotout to that one sz on here who is already a medical doctor I cant wait to follow in your footsteps, you inspire me, thank you for what you shared with me.

Also to all those with significant others out there. You guys should get the adventure challenge couple book. I know its clicque but the dates are actually fun so check it out. Here one we did, it was making a pie blindfolded. Lol easier said than done!


These are very good news brother :star:

@Aziz Ive been working so hard to make my dreams a reality so its finally nice to see them continue to speak for themselves. & thank you for the positive comment brother, I always appreciate and look forward to your insights on here your a pretty cool dude

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Congrats! Wish you and your fiancee all the best. And I’m super stoked you’re almost finished with med school too… you give me hope that I can actually become a nurse.

Hello, i agree its difficult sometimes, the only safe topics to talk about is food,sports and the weather. Its getting boring cause the issues are repetitive, but i am happy thinking i am not the only one having sz problems. It still helps me to talk about it. Overall its still a great selfhelpgroup. Anonymous sz

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You Sound Like You’re Doing Well. Not To Mention off To A Good Start With Your Dreams.


Jus Kidding…,

Happy Congratulations And Keep Having Fun!.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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Thanks Luna, you’ve always been a very relatable and personal individual, at least with me, so Im sure youll be a very good nurse who can relate and understand their patients. And you will become a nurse, it just takes time and patients and discipline which you already have so I wish you success

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Congrats on the wedding date! I can understand not getting on as often. The same happened to me a bit where nothing here seemed as interesting anymore, but I’m finding I’m enjoying it again after a break.

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Thank you @gcar hugs

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Very cool to hear your story. So impressed with your attitude and accomplishments. Also great to hear your insight on the forum as I am new and think all the positive things this site offers me. I’m grateful for its existence. Sure it’s not perfect and I’m glad to see your post.


:joy: I post the same stuff every day on the Say Anything. The same topics written in the same order.

But I do miss talking cigars with you.


Finally a good news story on a generally dreary site. Keep it up @gcar.

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Thank you for the support and comments guys, I appreciate it :star_struck: :earth_americas:


Congratulations @gcar!
It’s nice to hear from you.

thanks wave, you too. hope all is well

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