Hey SZA people, I got a question for you

So I’m going to recommend a medicine to my doctor on Monday and I wonder, do any of you guys have recommendations for medications that worked well for you?


Sup cipher …!!! I am going good with rispredal…what med are u recommending cariprazine…!!!

I would but it costs some good money, and some times calling to my health insurance agency to sort things out is just not worth it, as they tend to take a lot of time just to reach someone.
I’m thinking about trying Aripiprazole, given it’s covered, or Quetiapine.

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Cipher are u on disability…???

No I am not, I work full time so that’s probably out of the question.

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Amazing i have rearly seen people having sz can bearly work including me…!!!

I think I caught my illness on early before it could get worse, I did do a lot of reading on these conditions (Sz/SzA) before I began falling ill…I think it helped with having insight.

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I missed that …if i have visited pdoc as quick as i can i might have avoided sz…unlucky me …i cant work now…i have to be on med forever…what to do god…

U look pretty cipher…good luck to u…!!!

It’s not easy to detect, honestly, I was slowly beginning to lose insight myself and started thinking I was maybe overreacting and that all I experienced, was actually just from reading on the conditions too much…which if I hadn’t had people to push me to seek help by that point, I might’ve gotten worse.
I’m sorry you’re going through those struggles though, I certainly hope some day soon things begin looking up, maybe a medicine will be able to help negative symptoms in Sz so much that it’s like someone’s not ill at all.

Also in regards to your other message, thank you for the compliment!

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I’m on aripiprazole injections (Abilify Maintena), and they work well for me with minimal side effects. I prefer the tablets, but I don’t have insurance to pay for them. I have sza, and Wellbutrin has been the best antidepressant for me, and Lamictal has been the best mood stabilizer. Those are just my experiences, though, everyone is different.

I really like Geodon as best by far. Abilify injection was very good too but made me into a balloon.
I also like Wellbutrin

Vraylar works really well for me. It isn’t as sedating as some meds but it is expensive. I like pristiq for anxiety and mood

I’m on Risperdal but you are better off starting on a med like Abilify.
Abilify is overall a safer AP to be on.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

I’ll write that one down and research it for later, seems I have some options of what my insurance can cover or cover a good portion of.
Thank you for your input!

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Ohhh I’m sorry you can’t afford the tablets but at least you do have some meds that work for you.
I’ve heard good things about LAmictal, I’m going to bring that up to my doctor next time I see her, along with mentioning a new AP med.
Thank you for responding.

YEah that was my issue was the expense it costs, I liked it a lot though and it gave me motivation to do things too.

I’m using Risperidone to tide me over, it didn’t work for long for me, stopped working after a couple months (my sense of time is messed up so it could’ve only been a month) of taking it, but I had left overs so it’s going to keep me stable enough. I’m curious to try Abilify though, so I’ll hope my insurance covers it enough that I won’t pay a ton monthly just to have it.

I take rexulti and saphris but they might be expensive

Abilify is a very expensive med, even in generic form, so just warning you that your insurance may require a prior authorization from your dr before they will pay on it. Even then, the copay might be steep, depending on your insurance, of course. I’m telling you this based on what I have seen with that med working in a pharmacy. If you cannot afford the tablets there is a patient assistance program for the injections that your doctor’s office may be able to facilitate for you. That’s how I’m able to get them. I’m about to have good insurance, so I’m hoping I will be able to go back on the tablets.

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Thanks for alerting me ont hat matter, I did review and without proper coverage, I know they can be as much as $900+ in cash.
I might try Seroquel first since it seems to cost less and I’m also curious to try it, plus it’s on the right tier of drugs to be covered most or all the way on my insurance.