Hey mods I have an interesting question

Would you guys ever allow a religious-friendly thread where everyone can talk about their religious beliefs? And if it ever got out of hand you could shut it down immediately? It would be interesting to have friendly conversations about people’s religious beliefs. Just a thought I had.

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You have to call the mods out for their attention,

And I doubt they’ll tell you the thread idea is okay.

But still, lets ask @moderators

@Rhubot, @anon9798425, @ninjastar, @Moonbeam

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No. It is against the rules. And it would 100% end in a firey blaze of insults.


Has it ever been tried in the past?

So many times. Everyone here thinks they’re mature enough for a respectful religious discussion and nobody actually is. If you want to discuss religion, you’re welcome to do so on another site. This one is strictly nondenominational.

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Another big issue is that besides starting fights, religious topics have a tendency to trigger and exacerbate delusions for a lot of our posters. Just like we’re not going to have a polite and respectful conversation about alien mind control or the CIA, religion just doesn’t work on this website.


Wow, @rhubot was much more diplomatic than I was.

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What about different threads pertaining to different religions, this probably wouldn’t produce too much negativity.

Wait never mind I forgot about Rhubot’s post, sorry.


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