Hey guys. Just got through a horrible 2 hours. Am better now

Just felt really, anxious and hopeless. A feeling of foreboding.

I turned off the tv and my music, switched off the lights and just breathed my way through it. You know sometimes just knowing you have to keep on breathing helps.

Am feeling much better now. Just taken my night meds. Am particularly proud that I didn’t phone family in a bad state and effectively put a Debbie downer on their night.

Just keep breathing folks.


I’m glad breathing exercises helped you. I just had a bad few hours, too. But I survived. Dealing with symptoms gets easier the more you practice.


I think stuff like breathing exercises should be practiced even when you are well, so you aren’t new to them just when you are ill. Suppose that applies to cbt type stuff too.

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Sounds like one of the side effects I got from APs when I was on them. Sorry about that! Remember this time so if it happens again you’ll know you can get through it!

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Good advice! 151515

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