Hey guys hows your weekend going

Just bought 3lb bag of starburst, watching netflix, went to the buffet with my family, playing videogames, and workout, pretty good day. how about yours.


My weekend is going smoothly, listening to music and watching tv ate a good dinner and played with my puppy.

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nice, im going play my xbox right now im bored or netflix.

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Have fun! What game are you going to play?

Gears of war 5, they have new update.

I’ve spent most of my weekend in bed so far but I’m hoping I can play some games tonight


Had to work an extra 8 hours on Saturday for 12 hours of pay. I hope that I can get some meaningful things done tomorrow in my personal life so that I don’t start feeling as if I’m working my life away.

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I fell asleep at about 6pm Saturday, and now I am awake from 3am Sunday. Going to be pretty tired later.

Had to work Saturday morning, and then I saw my Nan, went shopping.

Once I rested I was really hungry, so I got a Dominos Pizza, which I had not had for ages. They were pretty expensive so I just got a small pizza meal deal for £13.99

Got an American Hot pizza, was nice. I like the dipping sauce they give you for the crusts at Dominos.

Anyways, today I shall be taking it easy. I might build a piece of furniture, but not sure yet.

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Mines going horribly. I feel lonely as heck. Feel to socially anxious to do anything about it. And I just binged and purged on Ben and jerrys

Not feeling too well this weekend

Wasted the whole day.
I had an appointment to get my laptop fixed but at the last minute I got distracted and didn’t leave enough time to take a shower and get ready. So I will attempt tomorrow.

I took a nap and planned to get up and go to the park but I slept until it was dark out.

All I did was get a coke at Wendy’s and then sat in my car listening to my new CD. I’m not overly unhappy so that’s a plus.

Not too bad! Just came back grocery shopping and now back home… not seeing that I will be able to watch the movie “ words on the bathroom wall” anytime soon where I live, so planning to buy the audio book version of it!:slightly_smiling_face: