Hey guys...good morning

I am so ashame of myself…i dont know why i need to be treated “special” and just couldnt be normal like talked or be quiet normally.I am akward.I had been staying in the room 80% of the time and when i am called out by my wife to meet people or do something,sometimes i think i gave people a very bad impression,like i am not happy which might be true…but if i am not happy i shouldnt have let it affect other people…thats just not my style.Hope you guys are doing good…peace!

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i felt like i am elite to other people,but i try not to act to.I hate being elite,i need to be humble and stay my two feet on earth’s ground.Einstein died too…he’s not immortal

What makes you elite in your opinion?

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elite,meaning like i think working out is the most elite thing a human can do,if i workout means i am elite.

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I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, but I don’t agree that you’re elite over others. Everyone has something they’re good at. Everyone is better at something than others around them. Try to see what others do that’s better than you. It’s good to recognize that, and to appreciate talents and differences in others


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