Hey folks feeling a lot better today

I had a bit of an episode yesterday. I think I was really stressed - stress sets me off every time.

But just want to say thanks to everyone that helped me out here. Was really touched by the compassion. Love you guys!


Great @anon35166066 . Keep on avoiding stress and relax more if you can

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I appreciate you. We all struggle and we help each other out. It’s great things are getting better

Stress is the real devil… Take one day and one moment at a time… Do at least one thing that make you proud daily… (Eat a fruit, read something, do a little bit of exercise, help a neighbor, be positive about something…) Just one thing daily… It helps a lot… Well at least I can say that I was dealing with severe stress, anxiety, sadness, addictions to escape from my own mind/stress/obsessions/obsessive thinking about the future and about everything… I was going literally crazy… I didn’t believe in nothing…to the point that I wasn’t believing in myself… I was lost in stress and anxiety… But now I see the light at the end of the tunnel… I don’t forget to live in the present and to take what live gives me… Good or bad… It’s just life… And I’m doing my best to put my mind in the positive things…enjoying my life, people, places, trying to valorize time…bc its precious and doesn’t come back… Wish you the best my friend

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