Well today was a turn around: from just awful to not bad

Woke up feeling all ■■■■ and paranoid. Thought for certain I would get sectioned. This morning was spent ruminating and obsessing over thoughts. What’s more my mum was out for the day so I had no one to talk with.

Was gonna sit in and continue feeling ■■■■ but forced myself to go out. Met a dog walker who I talked to cos theirdogcameup and said hello. This cheered me a bit.

Next as I walked through the park a little toddler was learning how to wave so I waved back. This cheered me up.

Next met my pensioner friend for a soft drink. I had a full sugar lemonade which made me feel better. Slowly my day was improving!

After that I came home and watched some tv and read the paper. Generally taking it easy. It dawned on me I was happy…

So from a ■■■■ start I had a good day.


I’m glad your day turned out good, maybe mine will turn from ■■■■ to good too. I sincerely doubt it though. My husband won’t give me 3 Ativan. He says 2 is enough. What a poo hole.

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Thing about Ativan - it’s pretty moreish!

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lol, yea it is. I know he’s right. I’m just having a moment. But calling him a poo hole made me laugh hard.

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Aren’t those the best freaking moments ever? Those moments where it is like ‘Huh, I actually feel pretty darn good’

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That’s really good! I started out how I always do with anxiety for an hour before getting out of bed and then I decided to go grab some breakfast at mcdonald’s with an iced coffee and started feeling way better.

Then I walked over to the park I used to go to and walked behind there for the first time in months. There is a lot of art painted back there and that cheered me up. All of the different colors and messages were beautiful. Some were stupid but I just laughed at them.

Just got home and still feeling positive. I think keeping ourselves busy and forcing ourselves to do things is key to feeling better day to day.


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