Things are going good just now

things are really going good just now, i am going out and i am doing different things every day and i love my friends to bits, i dont have many but they know who they are,

my philosophy is to try and just wing it, wing it every day, dont take life too seriously, one day at a time with no limitations or strings attached, go with the flow, follow your heart, be at one with your soul, peace.

i am hoping that it is possible to just forget i have sz? could it be possible to just wipe it from my memory? with the help of medication and to hopefully, maybe, one day to stop having to take meds all together and live completely free from mental illness and everything that goes with it, i hope it is.

anyway just thought i’d say hi and keep up the fight, dont let this ■■■■■■■ sz get you down, dont let that or anything get you down, you are stronger than that.

take care.


Long may that continue for you !

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good on you :heart:
take care :alien:

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Good words, @asgoodasitgets

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Makes me think of a bird that brings a key to the cage you’re in.

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Congratulations on all this. Very cool. :v:

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thanks guy, appreciate it :smile:

i wish the same for every single person on this site and i truly believe that it is possible

i believe that everybody here, young and old no matter who you are or what you have done can get better, everybody has there own levels of recovery and we really need to surpass that, look beyond our disease, get on a good med and dose and then who knows what is possible, you are a winner, have a nice day


Great post. It’s good to hear someone’s doing so well.