Here's a suggestion for auditory hallucinations

i bought a really strong headset that you would use to shoot at a gun range probably or hunting or mowing the lawn. Whenever i have problems i put it on. obviously if they are in my head it won’t cut that out. but it relaxes me somehow. Hard to sleep with but it’s helpful for me. Blocks out white noise and background noise. i still will hear things but it can help depending on things.

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Headphone music helped me drown out auditory hallucinations, but what shut them off for me was taking Amyloban 3399 on top of antipsychotics. It is a supplement with few side effects.

Thread about it (it has helped the symptoms of a handful of people on this forum:)

Did your voices not come back a week ago @naturallycured?

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I had stopped taking my antipsychotics to determine whether Amyloban 3399 was enough. It wasn’t.

I’ll stay on both now.

I’m sure Amyloban 3399 works since I was plateauing for months with constant mumbly background voices on a max dose (12 mg) of Paliperidone and 10 mg Abilify, before coming across the supplement.

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Oh ok, no I don’t doubt that it does. I will be mentioning it to my pdoc if/when risperidone fails on me

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