"Here's a little ditty about Jack and Diane". "Oooh yeah, life goes on, even after the thrill of living is gone"

“Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away”.

At my doctors appointment for a physical last week the nurses told me to take my shirt off. I told them, “Hey, I’m 55 and I’m a little out of shape. I’m embarrassed to take my shirt off”. They told me to not worry about it. So they left the room and I took off my shirt and they came back in then they had me lay on a table and they left again. i was laying on the table and then I heard them outside whispering and laughing about my physique. I am not in the shape I was when I was 17 or even when I was in my forties and I looked good when I was in good shape from taking weight training classes in college. I’m 55 and I gave up being chiseled years ago. So they came in again but they did not know that I heard them whispering. So I put on my poker face at first but then I got really mad. And after a couple of minutes they caught on. They were young stupid girls and then I could tell that they felt like the idiots they were. No big deal.

But it got me wondering how often this happens and the paranoia ran wild for a few days. Are the psychiatrists laughing at us? How about when the nurse takes a urine sample from you? How about all the pharmacists who recommend certain medications for embarrassing conditions? I never gave this deep thought before last week.

Screw it. I’m not going to worry about it anymore. If grown professionals want to act like jerks and embarrass themselves by acting like kids who don’t know any better that’s fine, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

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Are you sure that they were talking about you? I have been in restaurants and other public places and though people were talking about me. The were talking about me by name and insulting me. This doesn’t make any sense why they would know my name so I know that it is a hallucination. Sometimes they are harder to detect. Maybe you had an experience like that.

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yeah I have extreme paranoia and embarrassment too - especially because like I though everywhere were cameras . . .
and God knows the stuff and delusions I told my psychiatrist - and the stuff I told myself - my god…

Who cares? even if they ‘believe’ they are better than you . . why do you care?! Just be yourself and have fun.
Maybe they laughed because you felt embarrassed to take your shirt off - it is kinda cute you know. =) I don’t think they laughed at you.

I’m sure I heard right. i know what you are talking about but the clinic is very small in a small building. Its two rooms and the doctor doesn’t even have an office she works in a little cubby hole of to the side. The total staff including the doctor is three people. It’s very quiet the majority of the time. I distinctly heard what I heard. No doubt about it. And what happened after they came in dispels all doubt.