Here comes the unpopular opinion

Wondering why such a big fuss over Black Panther … took me about four attempts to watch it as it kept putting me to sleep. The character was great in Civil War, but I found his standalone feature, well, boring. Am I alone in being underwhelmed?

Bueller? Anyone?

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It was the only Marvel movie I didn’t feel pressed to see before Infinity War (plus it wasn’t available outside of theaters so I kinda couldn’t stream it).

Once I saw it, after infinity war, at red box, I was very surprised. I think what made it great is the cast of actors - Forest Whitaker, that chick from Walking Dead, and that guy from Get Out is really good. The villain had a tinge of anti-hero to him.

It felt long and I thought it was great. I don’t see it as commentary on race or anything just watching it like a regular movie. Wish I had seen it before IW, because IW was awesome and I would have understood who those people are.

Also his warrior entourage is all women, which is neat. I think it just got a lot of hype cuz it was a nearly all black cast while also being a good superhero movie at the same time.


I can’t stop giggling every time I see him in a film now.


Poor Trevolta, I just saw that movie named top 1 worst movie on WatchMojo on Youtube last night.

Oh I had no idea Whitaker was in that movie too! They both look weird.

I liked it. I saw it in the movies :movie_camera:

I thought the movie was so boring

I’ve never watched any of the Marvel movies or does Iron man count as one? That was ok but far from a cinematic masterpiece.

I didn’t watch it because I hate superhero movies. My parents didn’t like it and we usually have the same taste in movies

Seen the movie and thought it was mediocore. Its been generally hyped up because of having a black film cast but i thought it was shite.

I wasn’t a huge fan.

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