Black Panther Movie

As far as super hero movies go, this looks ■■■■■■■ awesome!


When I saw the thread title, Thought this was gonna be about the real black panthers…then id wanna see…don’t love superhero movies, I do wanna see wonder woman though because it got 8.3 imdb and the girl looks hot. Hmm someone should make a movie about the black panthers, like really real and classic and all, that would be a hit in the box office!

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I’m not usually a super hero movie guy, but I think this one looks great

Yeah it does look pretty cool! Not out til 2018 though.

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Yeah looks cool!

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This looks really interesting. I know basically nothing about Black Panther, but that was a solid preview. Looks like a great cast too.


Aren’t the black panther like the KKK for black people? I’ve seen videos of some pretty racist stuff from them.

Mixed thoughts about them. I think it’d be a cool movie. Afeni Shakur (Tupac’s mom) Was a black panther.

I don’t think they’re like the KKK because they were oppressed, while the KKK was doing the oppression.

Did the group come first or the super hero?

you are digging too deep into the name… dudes suit kinda looks like a black panther… they could have atleast called it by its true name… black jaguar…

also im about tired of the avengers… deadpool needs his own tv show on Netflix…his next movie should be deadpool kills the marvel universe it would sell twice as many tickets as the last movie which was already record breaking especially in the r rated category…venom should be in the next guardians of the galaxy… ending with groot venom and rocket venom… it would be awesome…

I will watch the black panther movie though… and thor ragnarok… when thor said its ok I know him from work… i peed a little hulk in gladiator armor was bitchin… and mj thors hammer was single handedly shattered into a million tiny hammer pieces…

I’m going to be seeing that movie definitely I make sure that I have seen everything marvel releases


I am so there for this one. T’Challa was fantastic in Civil War and I can’t wait to see his solo movie.

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"Black Panther Movie"
i like black panthers, especially black leopardesses. makes me want to have a black cat

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