Here again, but am i really alone on my years of isolation?

And I suppose you’re isolated because of the paranoia, right?

I was extremely paranoid and isolated. I’m still isolated but not paranoid anymore because I take a lot of AP’s.

I know from previous posts @Anna1, that you can’t handle a lot of AP’s. I feel for you, I really do. You are isolated and therefore pace. And that makes you stand out like a thumb. What can be done for you?

Not only. Because of the negatives too. My ex doc was saying that I have paranoid sz with mostly negatives…

Yeah, the negatives contribute to your isolation too. That’s a tough one.

don’t worry. Maybe there is hope. Maybe this lithium will lift me finally too

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How long did your pdoc say it would take the Lithium to work?

Idk, he didn’t say anything… But I am strange you know. I remained very ill for very long time. I have a history of hard abuse with weed in the worst condition - only tv and between 4 walls for 6 years. I was smoking 10 joints per day like this, in total isolation. it was before my diagnosis. Maybe ill need some efforts from me too, yeap.

The weed definitely could have contributed to all of this. I’m going to look up Lithium in my drug book.

@Anna1, Lithium reaches peak blood levels within three hours of administration.

My pdoc told me I should notice a difference within a week or so on lithium. I am on 300 mg a day. It has helped. I was in a bad place- major depressive point. It was then followed up by a manic phase, but I think I’m leveling out. I just have to normalize my schedule and get back in the swing of things to figure out what kind of person I’m going to be now.

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I’m 59 years old, and I’ve probably spent more time alone than most people of any age. There are things I like about being alone, but I do need to rub elbows with people at least a little bit. When I spend all my time alone I get eccentric, which isn’t liked by most people. The times in my life when I have been the weirdest have come shortly after I spent a huge amount of time totally alone. Right now I am living at an assisted living center, and I’m getting about the right amount of social interaction, for me. You might explore the option of assisted living, or a group home.

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Can you try talking to people over skype, so you can practice without actually going out?

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If you are worried about people noticing that you have an MI but would like to learn to socialize again, another option might be an MI support group like NAMI. Check out the “Find support” tab. They have meet-ups for people with a variety of conditions, sz included. Since everyone there suffers from MI, they are much more likely to be understanding. It’s a good way to dip your toes in the water. You may even make a friend!

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Anna I am very alone and that’s the way I like it but I have made friends online with the same interests as me and that suits me perfectly.

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with staying home all the time? Maybe you don’t need to be a social butterfly? Maybe you can make friends online?

I feel bad about being alone as my father always makes a point of it in a derogatory way but I say GET LOST I AM HAPPY ALONE and I don’t have to fit into societal norms!


Thank you for answering my question, @Happy_Heather.

But you agree Gina that it wont work after 3 hours of administration, no? I need weeks, maybe months no?

I am alone almost all of the time and I am happiest that way. I enjoy my own company. And I don’t worry about it. Some people are just natural born loners.

Maybe a week or two is all. Once it reaches therapeutic blood levels you should be good to go. And the doctor can tell that only through blood draws.

When are you scheduled for a blood draw?