Help with Adult with Mental Illness

I am the parent of an adult child living with mental illness. He can’t
take care of himself, and don’t understand everyday things. He is 38
years old, has a social security income monthly.

He was living at mental group housing building for many years until
that company went out of business. Now he is homeless, and living in
my single studio apartment unit. I cannot get him checked into another
one because he has to volunteer. No one will help me and I don’t know
what to do. He does not give me any money for his expenses, he keeps
all his money to himself and he does not pay rent. He does not pay for
the food, and often waste it playing with it or beige eating.

His condition is bad and only became worsen after he was removed from
that establishment. He has diabetes and needs a nurse to take care of
his foot and give medication. He speaks in fragments, cannot carry or
understand a sentence. He has rage issues and ptsd. Noise, light, and
people speaking upsets him. He is very paranoid of everything and have
mental illusions that he can’t tear apart from reality.

If this organization can’t provide any help for him, can you recommend
me someone or somewhere to help. This is a critical emergency.

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Hi - This web site is a support place for people like you and people who have schizophrenia (or related illnesses). I’ll also copy your message in our “Family / Caregiver forum” so you can get some help there.

I would recommend you contact your local NAMI (I’m assuming you’re in the USA - if not, let us know what country you are in and we can make other recommendations). There is usually a NAMI office in each reasonably large city in the USA. Here is their web site:

Crisis Numbers, etc.:

Another group to talk to is the Treatment Advocacy Center - call them and see if they can provide some ideas:


200 North Glebe Road, Suite 801
Arlington, Virginia 22203
Phone: (703)294-6001

I’ve copied your message/plea here in the family forum - check their for responses:

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thanks for the information.