Help me rationalize this too

So I have one more coincidence that I’d like to run by you guys.

It’s along the same lines as my other one here it is. I’m in my apartment listening to anthony commenting on what I’m doing when suddenly another voice kalem enters the conversation.

(Kalem is a guy I know in real life, we had a fight Three years before which was a pretty traumatic experience for me and it left deep scars within me. He’s a typical bro kinda guy who gets into a lot of fights and I’m the opposite. I had no suspicions of him being in the IRA before I heard his voice)

Anyway, kalem says to Anthony ‘Italy is alright, he can be a dope sometimes but he is alright leave him alone’. Kalem then leaves the conversation. A few minutes go bye and I decide to look out the window and I see kalem parked right outside getting into his car and driving off.

So obviously I think he must’ve been in an apartment next door watching me on a camera with Anthony.

How can you guys explain it?

Edit: I’m not sure if I seen his car before I heard his voice but it is possible.

Have all these coincidences stopped since you got on the right meds? Are you still voice free also ?


Yes they have but I think they did it to me on purpose so I would have trouble moving on. And yes I’m 6 months voice free

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@Ninjastar @AccreditedPsych a bit of sense please?

Sorry it’s a bit late for me right now but I’ll definitely get back to you in the morning

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Our brains are masters at making us believe things and jump to conclusions.
Perhaps you subconsciously noticed Kalem before the voice started.

OR perhaps you only thought you saw him, but it wasn’t actually him. Our brains are good at tricking us that way. Some people even see the mouths of other people moving while they say mean things, but those people never said the mean things. It was all a hallucination.

I know it’s scary to admit your brains is tricking you, but I think that’s what happened there.

Try to let go of all these coincidences and be glad you’re on meds now that stop your brain from confusing you like that.


Thank you @Pikasaur for all your support. I think your right. I thought the same kinda but I had forgot it. I am glad it’s over for now.

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It could have been anyone on that car. Are you sure it was him?

Have you noticed that all these coinincidences you posted in the past few months have all been about cars? It all follows the same theme

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I think you’re looking for things or signs that really aren’t even there and you’re using these delusions/hallucinations as coincidences. Your brain is just running a mile a minute lately.

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But it wasn’t a delusion or an hallucination which caused this coincidence. It actually happened.

You think it happened. Remember, brains play tricks. You say you see these people, but that could be, most likely is, a hallucination. And yes, itis a delusion to thinl real people are talking in your head. It isn’t possible. It’s just the brain being an a$$hole to you.

Oh no I definently didn’t hallucinate him there. I’m thinking along the lines that maybe I seen him before subconsciously. All my coincidences aren’t hallucinations.

@anon47167357 Have you met any of those people after your hospitalization?

Yes I have. I started a thread about it it’s called ‘help me rationalize this’ that was after I got out of hospital

That bugs me too sometimes. When i moved from Europe to Australia on my own. I hear suddenly familiar voices from my teenage years out of the neighborhood. When i checked it out there was no party going on at all. It was in my mind. Just recently I realized they are voices from deceased people as well. Maybe its just stress and a copingmechanism to deal with present problems which are to traumatic to deal with at this moment . Something i can deal with it later. I feel so much better as i have no stress to explain myself most of the times. Just the penetrating arthritis and some sore nerves. The pain and agony starts. It will be a salvation for me when i pass this life to the next.

How what medicine did you use ?

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