Please help me rationalize this

Can I get your guys help in rationalizing this as well

I remember When I was in hospital at the start I was chatting with two guys I had met in there over lunch(I had suspicions of one being in/sent by the IRA to fuuck with me because he didn’t give me his real name when we met, l later heard the staff call him by his real name)any way we’re eating our meals when one of the guys turns to me and says ‘you know Italy, you’d be a good soldier!’ This remark sent me crazy it was directly related to what my voices were telling me to do at the time which was to join the IRA. I instantly thought this guy was in on it.

Why would that guy say that??

What do you think @anon9798425?

I think that was a perfectly normal observation on your personality. When we are paranoid, we can seem guarded and cold, which is also something people associate with soldiers.


Ok didn’t think of that. Thank you tree beard

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But I was nice to them. Is there any part of you that thinks he might have been sent in there by the IRA to mess with me @anon9798425?

He might not have given his real name because he was also paranoid.


Didn’t think of that either thank you

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I don’t know much about the IRA, but I don’t think their agenda includes harassing people in mental hospitals.


Lol but I think they are that low. I think they would send somebody in there to mess with me. I told a commander that I would f his mom.

Personal grudges, I dunno. But I can say that I would definitely not enter a mental hospital just to annoy a guy who told me “eff your mom.”

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Maybe he thought you were loyal

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@anon47167357 I think it’s best not to trigger your hallucinations back like this. Did you say that you recently heard something?

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No, absolutely not. That sounds absurd to me. But also understandable, I’ve been somewhat paranoid myself.


I think I may have figured it out. We were eating meals like soldiers would in a barracks right and I don’t think he liked eating in there. Just the whole drill of being in a hospital means we could be like soldiers? I dono

Yes I start to hear things when I get too stressed about things. Only whispers and faint voices though

Keep that stress lvl low, that’s my top priority

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I don’t know what I’m gonna do about the farm because when I get stressed I get faint voices. What would you do about it?

Try to maybe get someone to help so you can take a break when needed.

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Deal with it when it used to happen, try to calm my mind, think about other stuff

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I just took magnesium citrate powder to calm myself ,but also take clonazepam when needed