Help and support- important or not?

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I never said it wasn’t important, of course it is, I just said: It is possible to recover and accomplish things without it. Is that wrong?

mainly from professionals though, for my condition,

but everyone else in my life makes me forget,
which can’t be all that bad either.

I run my own business, pay bills work hard with little support, not saying life is great, think I could do better if the bad things did not happen

Your put down of me for saying people have a better chance of doing well with help and support was wrong.

I didn’t do that firemonkey, just go reread it. I didn’t put you down at all. I just disagreed with one thing you said, it’s alright to disagree is it not?

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Long rant ahead, as this is a touchy subject for me.

It’s important, but what happens when you don’t get it. I’ve received little support from professionals and my family. I get bitter about it some times. I’m stable IN SPITE of professionals and family. Not BECAUSE OF.

I’ve been put in sink or swim situations. I wouldn’t say I swam exactly, but I at least floated.

If I had support, I’d probably be swimming now instead of floating! :smile:

Then again, who knows, if I had support, I could take it all for granted and go off my meds like @patrick. Let my family pick up the pieces as usual. But I don’t have that luxury.

Rambling rant over.


The thing is you disagreed with something I didn’t say. I purposely said can be governed rather than definitely,always, is governed.

Alright, communication issue than. It’s all good. No need to argue over it.


Exactly… And you’re doing great, even if you don’t feel yourself swimming, you are.


It’s established in psychology that those with a support network have a far better prognosis than those who don’t…speaking as someone who spent most of my life with no support from the people around me who know has support I can say life was absolutely miserable when I had to deal with everything myself. Alienating, isolating, and you get depressed and angry that people who should be there for you aren’t. Your secrets crush you.

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This makes me feel so guilty. After my paranoid schizophrenic son tried to kill himself by trying to burn our family home down, I felt I had no other choice than to place him in a group home afterwards because I felt that his actions were too dangerous. He hated this group home for many reasons. There were thieves, drug addicts and smokers there and things would come up missing. There were people there with incredibly bad hygiene, that would stink up the place and make it uncomfortable for all. He told me that the food there was substandard. And all of this was only the tip of the iceberg. His illness raged at this group home and his depression worsened. He begged his father to plead with me to let him move back in with me, but, I remained unmoved. Now that my son is dead from suicide, I feel so guilty it is unreal. I feel that if I had only listened to his father’s pleading, he would be alive today.

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we are fed so many mixed messages with our illnesses,
because it’s common to hear,

“He was suffering so much, it’s understandable that he took his life.”

or people that are seen as just sub-existing, living in pain, crippled or brain dead.

But then, so much is done to try to help us too.

I would encourage you to get into a local walk to prevent suicide,
and try helping others with your story. That’s what my family has done
over my cousin Molly’s suicide.


I feel support is very important. My problem is that, from my withdrawal’s perspective, I do not always recognize that I’m being supported. I think to bite the hand that feeds very often not knowing I’m being fed.

I’m sorry you had to go through all that. It must have been awful. You aren’t at fault, though. You tried your best to keep him safe. You can’t know in advance how things are going to turn out. All you can do is make the decision that you think is best.

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I believe that we can do with all the help and support we can get. There was a time that I had to beg for help. Nobody asked if they could help. If it was not for my will to get relief from my positive symptoms I would have probably comitted suicide did I not knock on the right door which was that of my psychiatrist. It was a lonely battle which got me to where I am today.


People who are supposed to be there to help can be surprisingly inattentive. It has to do with the illness being mental and not physical, also we get sick as adults and adults are expected to hold everything together.

Overall i feel i have been the major support for my recovery, medication is still very important for me.

This site has helped me so much.

People come here all the time on the edge of totally flipping out and committing suicide or whatever, so I think you need to put things in perspective. This is a serious illness left untreated.

Now you have to live with what you’ve done, what other option do you have?

I am living with what I’ve done. I have no other option.

I had supportive friends at first, they thought things like asking me to go out and socialize was supportive. That I needed to go back to my normal life is what I needed. Well that was the last thing I wanted to do . I continued to refuse to go out and eventually they quit asking. I occasionally talk to one of my friends. After a period of a year or two we didn’t even talk. I don’t blame them ,I’m just not the same person I was. My family has a little more experience with this and just was there if I wanted to talk. But I really think being patient with us is all they can do. And the system at the hospital is clueless as to how to help. We’re kinda on our own
Only other sz know what it’s like.

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