Helo with a decision

Do I got into a schizophrenia trial yesterday. Not only does it pay well for going to their check ups it also is something I am passionate about doing. But I am so scared to get off the abilify and start a med that just might not work. I can stop the trial at anytime and resume the abilify if things don’t work out. My biggest concern is school. I start part time next week and there is no way to know how this med is going to affect my ability to do school work. What should I do?

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Which med are U trailing…??? Is it iti 007…??

Yes it is that med.


Can u risk it for abilify…???

I’m not sure. That’s where I’m stumped. It’s such a gamble.

But how are you today?

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Just getting ready for dinner i am from different time zone… i went to evening walk with my mum… hey saywhat i have few positive symptoms and a lot of cognitive and negative symptoms… i take my med just to sleep at night… they do damn to my cognitive symptoms… whatz ur breakthrough symptoms…

I am doing okay okay for now …!!! I am good …
How are u saywhat…?? Do u have kids…!!!

A walk with your mom sounds nice! I wish I took walks with mine. Symptoms lately have been tons of anxiety like to the point my heart hurts so bad I go in to panic attacks. I do have positive symptoms but not as much as I used to. Hear voices daily just some days it’s a couple hours some days it’s only a couple minutes. But I have major depression, hard time with concentration especially reading, just feel like I am not as smart as I once was. I have 3 kids my daughter is 2 and my step kids are 11 and 14. :grinning:

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I only know that we dont have to give up…its a struggle till we die …!!! I hope u will do better… u are on my prayer…!!! Take care sister…!!!

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Thank you! You are on mine is well and take care also!

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Thank U sister saywhat…!!!

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